Monday, 15 November 2010

Wracks..............well a single Wrack :P

Morning readers, time for another quick update I had promised zombies last time but unfortunately I got distracted, you can all blame that villainous Mr Feral for this, as I was talking to him on MSN the other day and mentioned that i had an idea for converting some Wracks from the new Dark Eldar codex mainly as their wont be any models available to represent them for a while, he of course told me to make it so I have:




He is based off an empire flagellent with a lot of GS work drawing heavily from the art work in the Dark Eldar codex, so he sports an iron mask, an additional spine and random drug dispensers plugged directly into his swollen back.

He is a little rough around the edges but hes only a test model after all If I decide to to a force of DE he will get tidied up and might gain some friends :P

So what do you think guys?

Friday, 12 November 2010

For the Dark Gods

Evening readers time for another update :P

I'm still plodding away at updating my old Word Bearers army and now have another 3 marines to show you, including the champion of the squad:





For the champion I used the power fist from the chaos lord kit had to cut down the middle finger so as it matched more with the rest of the fingers, I also decided to have a go at doing some gore dripping from the fist using some small strands of Green stuff dont think it turned out to badly :)

I'm still working on converting the mantic zombies too, will hopefully have a few of them to show in a couple of days time, speaking of zombies I picked up this the other day:


Few of my friends have told me to read it so I thought I would, will give me some inspiration for zombies models. I'm spoilt for choice with inspiration at the moment what with the Walking Dead being on tv now too, saw the firs episode last week on FX and loved it, quite looking forward to episode 2 tonight.

well thats it for now, should have another update in a few days time possibly with Dark Eldar in the near future if I can decide if I want to buy some or not

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

The zombie Apocalypse begins

Evening readers, time for an update from me , last time I gave a bit of a sneak peek at the first of my survivors for my zombie apocalypse stuff, well today you get to see the first zombie :D

On Saturday I ordered Mantics 30 model Zombie regiment and today they arrived so of course I had to set straight to work on making a test model :P . Now I wanted to test 2 things with the Mantic zombies mainly how well I could GS modern looking clothes onto them and also how easily I could convert some of them to be female zombies with Undeath being an equal opportunities job and all :P

So I made like a zombie business woman type thing:



over all I'm quite pleased with it, the tattered loin cloth the legs had on them was easy to use as the basis for the skirt, I then shaved down the torso, arms and face to make them look less male add a GS shirt and hair and done even added a high heeled shoe to her one foot :P

I'm in the process of making another 2 zombies this time male, tough it is taking some time to cut down the loin cloths already molded onto the models :( will hopefully be worth it though :)

As ever feel free to drop me a comment and let me know what you think :D

Thursday, 28 October 2010

I live

Wow, 2 months since I last updated here I have neglected this little corner of the interwebz and for that I appologise. But now after being nagged by the fiend known as Mr Feral and that Foul Kiwi known as Foot_of_adhesive_tape I have returned to show a few pictures of what I have been up to over the past 2 months.

Whole reason I haven't being posting on here is that I took a bit of a step back from the hobby I did still carry on tinkering with stuff but at a much slower pace, working on them for a few minutes a day or every other day, I'm beginning to get back to my old ways of working quite quickly though so updates will be less sporadic :)

right so lets begin with the most recent things I finished for my Vampire counts:


zombies only a few pics there but there are more in my photobucket, the thing with these is I've tried to convert them all, so new heads to replace the horribly dated stock heads as well as shaving down the hands and fingers to try bring them back into scale. As such it does take quite a while to make them which is annoying when you need so many :(

My vampires are currently on hold as I don't want to get completely bored of zombies so i've moved back to working on 40k.

So my 40k interest was reinvigorated after Games Day where I helped run the Ammo Bunkers Poisoned chalice game as well as meeting forum members (including that Heretic named Daniel(Mr Feral) for the first time), I contributed a Tau kill team to it:


The camo cloaks drew some attention with a few guys asking me how they were made. After GD again I had a bit of a break working on a few bits of Tau stuff and nothing much else. Then On the Ammobunker a communal Badab log was set up which got me interested again and after seeing the truely inspirational work of Dan the Daemon over on bolter and chainsword I decided to give true scaling a go, as his method looked nice( I find terminator based true scale marines to be far to bulky) and simple but highly effective (plus it doesn't cost an arm and a leg in terminator parts :P )

So I made a marine from the raptors chapter:


and I was very very pleased with the result of the up scaling, with its success it was inevitable I would put the method to use for the good of the ruinous powers and have embarked upon a new project, that of completely updating my Word Bearers, these guys are my favourite 40k army mainly because when I first got back into the hobby properly 4 years back they are the army I made, so here are the first 2 truescaled the same as the Raptor:



I'm really pleased with these 2, I'm finally doing some justice to the word bearers I think :P

And because I'm nice heres 2 sneak peeks of 2 other projects I'll be working on:


we have Jill Valentine from the resident evil games (Resi 3 costume as i found a good model to base her off) she is the start of some zombie apocalypse stuff I'll be doing

Then we have Drazhar master of blades, who is still heavily WIP:


Having fallen in love with the background and models of the new Dark Eldar I set about making Drazhar after seeing the new art work for him im planning on doing a small 500 point Dark eldar force in the near future, parts wise hes made from a mix of dire avenger and guardian parts with his swords being made from thin plasti card

Well thats it for this post, sorry if' I've waffled on but you did gt to see some pretty pictures :P

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

First 15mm sculpt complete

A second update in the space of a day.............lies :P

I've managed to get the test sculpt for the 15mm Sci-fi trooper done:

I'm well pleased with him now as I can see him all done, already begun work on a second guy so watch this space :P

Been into Birmingham today for something to do, checked out the new Modelzone store that has recently opened there. Must say if there is one in your area go check it out as they have some very nice stuff including a load of tamiya, humbrol and vallejo paints as well as a mass of model kits. They even had a remote control Tiger tank that fired BBs from its gun haha.

So whilst in model zone I picked up 2 pots of the Tamiya clear red as I've been told by a few people that it is really good for doing gore and blood effects on minis(something that comes in handy for painting the undead :P ) so I put it to use on this Vampiress's sword:

quite pleased with the effect which was a layer of clear red, then a wash of badab black whilst ti was still wet then another layer of clear red over the top.

Also picked up the latest Volume of the only manga I collect called Black Lagoon(the anime of it is awesome too) got it from Forbidden Planet the cheeky gits had put the price label of £9.99 over the rrp on the back of the volume which was £8.99 might only be a £1 extra but still, tis a bit of a con :P

Any way that it for now as ever comments and suggestions are more than welcome :)

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

New Beginnings

Afternoon readers, has been a while since I last posted, had a lot of family stuff going on as well as a great loss of Mojo. So much so that I have packed away a lot of my hobby stuff and intend to have a few months off from painting and set game systems (Warhammer, FoW etc) as well as spending as much time on hobby forums on the net.

However this is not the end of this blog no as I intend to carry on sculpting, I have recently signed up for a sculpture Course at the local adult education center which will be starting in late September, I hope to learn classical sculpting and also how to make some character busts so I thought I would get in some practise before it starts as it has been a fair while since I did any scratch sculpts.

So to start off with I've attempted something I've wanted to do for a while a 15mm sculpt. So armed with a FoW german for reference and some paper clip I set about it:

He is still very WiP but I'm stupidly happy with him so far, never thought I would be able to pull off such a small sculpt. The strange thing is I have found him easier to do than a 28mm miniature maybe because there is less detail or maybe because there is no need to build up the basic muscle groups, the leg for example is one blob of GS sculpted into shape in 1 go.

The theme of this guy is like a Sci-Fi Japanese trooper, as you will have hopefully have picked up from the samurai influences on it(I have some concept art I'll put up soon). Given how well this guy has come out so far I'm considering sculpting another 8 or 9 and then possibly casting them as I've wanted to experiment with casting for a while now.

Casting? why would you do that I hear you cry, well I'm thinking of making a 15mm scale gaming board only a small one and also writing up my own back ground and rules for it, I was inspired to think of doing such a thing by fjk177222 and his 15mm log on the Ammo Bunker:

Easily one of the most inspirational and original logs I've seen on the AB in a long time, it got me pretty fired up to have a crack at not only making my own rules and back ground but 15mm wargaming in general. I have FoW but this is more single figures on bases as a skirmish game.

So over the coming months you shall see me make the board and the fire teams that shall fight over it as well as the sculptures I'll be making on my course. I'm sure I'll crack and paint something at some point most likely Mantic zombies and a few Hasslefree zombie hunters to go with em :P

Thanks for reading :D

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The Dead Walk

Evening readers, been a while since i updated mainly because i wanted to finish painting the first 10 grave guard instead of posting up the odd 1 or 2 of them at a time :)

so here we go, the first 10 Grave guard ranked up and also with some close ups of individuals:

I'm really happy with these guys, sort of tried my best on them and think it has been worth it. Still got another 2 to paint then I shall be waiting for one of the guys off The Ammo Bunker to post me another 15 :D to make the unit up to 24/25 and any spare ones will be made into wight kings.

After seeing the new Warhammer starter set im considering getting the high elf prince on griffon as I think it might be a good base for a Vampire mounted on an abyssal Terror :D

Well thats it for now folks, working on some zombies and the SoTR light mech at the moment so there shouldn't be such a gap between updates :)

Thursday, 22 July 2010

SoTR Germans and mechs plus Warhammer Undead

Evening readers, its that time again where I ramble on about stuff and post up some pics :P

first up here are 3 SoTR Germans i just finished painting:Had a small order from wayland games turn up the other day, contained this awesome model:

The SoTR German Wolverine light mech, I love this model just a really nice looking kit, shall be painting it up soon :)

In the same order I also got the soviet sniper Special character Nika, who I have converted into a German character:

Next up is some fantasy stuff I've been working on, with the new edition out its has got me interested again so I decided to carry on with the small vampire counts force I started a year back. I was tempted to do Skaven with them being in the new starter set and all but decided to stick with the undead for the reason of them allowing me to use up random models i have aquired over the years plus they allow for a lot of conversions. :)

so here is the start of my grave guard, found a box of chaos warriors I brought when they were first released that had been sitting around for ages so decided to put them to use:
next up are the 2 characters for the force so far:

This guy will sit in the block of Grave guard the rough back story I have for him is that he was the chieftain of the chaos warriors that became the grave guard, be was basically turned into a vampire by the general (of my eventual army :P) for putting up a good fight. His former warband was then raised from the dead to serve as his body guard.

Hes based around a chaos marauder who has had his height increased with some plasticard spacers.

To go with him I have also brought this Gamezone vampire countess:

shes a very nice model shall be painting her up soon too :)

And thats it for today, as ever any comments and suggestions are more than welcome

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sons of Sek Officer

Evening readers, since my first post on here a few days back when I showed the Sons of Sek I had made at the beginning of the year the call of chaos has been nagging me. So what better way to silence it than to dust off the Sons and carry on with them :D
so the past few days I've been working on an officer for the Platoon command squad:

so I present Grath Damogaur the commander of the only platoon of the eventual army(the rest will be veteran squads). And why name him Damogaur I hear you cry seen as its a blood pact rank. Well in the "blood pact" novel they mention that the Sons of Sek copied the rank system of the blood pact so I just pinched the idea

With his actual equipment I decided to give him a chainsword for fluff reasons, as in the gaunts ghosts novels chainswords are pretty rare with only officers really having them. The plasma pistol was added to make him actually useful in game so will be justified as a trophy taken from an imperial officer or commissar he's killed.

The model is based around a cut down catachan, with a flagellent head, the pointing arm is from the empire militia kit

Let me know what you think :)

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Take cover...snipers

Evening readers, time for a quick update from me, just finished these guys:

2 SoTR German snipers, they are great models probably some of my favourites of the whole SoTR range. Gone with a camo pattern of my own design though you can see the influences of pea dot and oak leaf in it, I figured seen as the war is supposed to have gone on past 1945 then there might be some newer camo patterns, plus it kept it nice and simple to paint :P

Anyway back to the xbox, picked up Crackdown 2 the other day and it is most awesome nothing quite as addictive as collecting agility orbs :P

Quite excited now, just found that the bolt action miniatures plastic germans are up for pre-order :D

possibilities for making weird world war 2 stuff from these is great, leave them as they are and you have standard army who don't have any of the fancy new equipment yet, sculpt on armour to make them look more advanced or hack them up and you have nazi zombies :D

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

And the Conquest begins.....

Hello folks of the interwebz and blogging community, I have finally caved in to the constant nagging of both Mister Feral and Foot_of _adhesive_tape and decided to start a blog.............happy now guys :P

Some of you might know me as the same username from the Ammo Bunker (where I am most active) as well as other sites I post on such as the Secrets of the Third Reich forum. I always have a stupid amount of projects on the go so this will be a nice place to post a random mix of stuff I'm working on.
So what better way of starting this blog than posting up a mix of stuff i have worke don both past a present :)

And I shall start with my Sons of Sek, after being inspired by the Gaunts Ghosts novels and the armies of people such as Dave Taylor and Foot I was orginally going to do some Blood Pact. But Foot suggested me doing the Sons as he hadn't seen anyone do them and they are generally more mysterious, so earlier in the year I did a squad of them:

Here is the inspiration for the troopers, a picture from the Sabbat Worlds Crusade Art book

And the GS work of a random trooper

The first 10 finished:

The main problem with the Sons of Sek is the amount of time it takes to convert each trooper, I have a 2nd squad of them all but done conversion wise and have stock piled enough IG parts via trades and such to do a small army of them. Its just if i can face doing them :P

Next up are some models for my current favourite setting: SoTR/WWW2, this setting has grown on me loads as it covers my interest in historical and sci-fi, give plenty of scope for conversions too :)

A Nazi Sorcerer:

A Nazi Super soldier, converted from the brilliant hasslefree minature "mutant Joe"

I shall call that it now for my opening post, I have a lot of other stuff in the works including: Vampire counts force for Warhammer Fantasy, first few Characters for my Zombie apocalypse stuff and adding some bits and pieces to my FoW SS panzergrenadier force :)

Thanks for looking