Wednesday 18 August 2010

First 15mm sculpt complete

A second update in the space of a day.............lies :P

I've managed to get the test sculpt for the 15mm Sci-fi trooper done:

I'm well pleased with him now as I can see him all done, already begun work on a second guy so watch this space :P

Been into Birmingham today for something to do, checked out the new Modelzone store that has recently opened there. Must say if there is one in your area go check it out as they have some very nice stuff including a load of tamiya, humbrol and vallejo paints as well as a mass of model kits. They even had a remote control Tiger tank that fired BBs from its gun haha.

So whilst in model zone I picked up 2 pots of the Tamiya clear red as I've been told by a few people that it is really good for doing gore and blood effects on minis(something that comes in handy for painting the undead :P ) so I put it to use on this Vampiress's sword:

quite pleased with the effect which was a layer of clear red, then a wash of badab black whilst ti was still wet then another layer of clear red over the top.

Also picked up the latest Volume of the only manga I collect called Black Lagoon(the anime of it is awesome too) got it from Forbidden Planet the cheeky gits had put the price label of £9.99 over the rrp on the back of the volume which was £8.99 might only be a £1 extra but still, tis a bit of a con :P

Any way that it for now as ever comments and suggestions are more than welcome :)


  1. I see you have now stolen my way of doing blood ;)

    Damn you and your sculpting skills! he looks rather nifty, definitely could see people buying them if you start selling them :P


  2. That's cool, the sculpt turned out nicely. :)

    Yeah, there's a newly opened Modelzone store where I live as well, I should probably check it out for hidden goodness.

    Great Vampiress, the blood is all realistic and things. Good times.