Sunday, 13 October 2013

Changing direction

Good evening guys and girls,

I return to my neglected corner of the net after yet another long absence. I have been busy but also have struggled to actually get enough finished to be worthy of a post.

Fast forward to last weekend and I went to my normal meet up with Rictus and Nife, which has given me the kick I needed to post. The one thing that the meet up has opened my eyes too is just how little I am interested in the GW side of this hobby anymore. None of us particularly took our games of 40k seriously during the 1 day we had at WHW, this is when something clicked in my head that it was time to wrap up most my GW projects.....

Red Corsair Lord - Just for Sheep seen as hes been nagging via Rictus to see proof I've actually been working on stuff

Don't get me wrong I will finish what I've got(Corsairs and Tau) and still play when we have our meets, just I will now resist buying any more stuff and begin the long process of sorting out what to sell off.

The end isn't nigh though as though my interest in GW dwindles I have found new interest in other parts of the hobby those being skirmish and board games. The meet up gave us chance to try out some new games notably sedition wars and dreadball(the big hit of the weekend) as well as the now staple zombicide and I am finding them just so much more fun and interesting than 40k.

First game of Sedition Wars
Dreadball a awesome little game

I think part of it is the self contained nature of them and in the case of dreadball its just fun and very easy to get into. So much so that I have ordered myself a team for it.

Another game I have gathered some bits for is infinity, I love the sculpts for this game as well as the ghost in the shell vibe it has. The fact you can have a game with only a handful of models per side is an added bonus, I hope to take this along to the next meet up.

 Mars Attacks Kickstarter

And finally we have one last game this time one I have invested in on kickstarter and I blame nife entirely for this.....,Mars Attacks. Looks like a really fun little skirmish game that is again all self contained add to that that the gaming mat and terrain will run dual use with infinity and its a steal.

Thats it for now guys, a bit text heavy I know but now you can see the new direction I'll be heading in. Next update will likely focus on me painting up my dreadball team but might be a while away yet as I have a lot on my plate in real life at the moment.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Forgefiend #1

Morning guys and girls,

Been a while since I have posted this is due to the good folks at BT leaving me without internet for a week........ I have 3G on my phone but its barely reliable.

Having no internet however has been good as it has left me without any major distractions, so I have nearly completed 7 converted plague marines(coming in the next blog post) but the biggest thing I have worked on is my converted Forgefiend:

I bought the necron triarch stalker that it is based off from ebay in march........yes thats how long I take to get around to a project. The hades auto cannon are FW punisher cannons from a Valkyrie conversion kit. Theres still a stupid amount of work to do on this guy but at least he is finally started.

In other hobby related news I've caught up on the leaked pictures of the new marine stuff and after pages of hate I finally got to the pics.

Whilst there is nothing particularly inspiring amongst the release I do think that the centurions would make good base models for obliterator conversions, I will wait for better pics first though.

Anywho thats it for now, I'll be back with the plague marine pics in a day or two :-)

Monday, 29 July 2013

Blog facelift

Evening guys and girls,

I've given the blog a bit of an overhall and facelift, been a while since I last updated it and I fancied a change from all the black and red. Plus my skills at making banners and the like have progressed a fair bit since my previous ones.

I've made a trial gallery header too on the red corsairs gallery page, might be rather nerdy quoting the codex and that but it adds a bit of character to the page :P

let me know what you think guys, and I'll be back with a proper update in a few days time.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Weekly Ramblings #9 - Inspiring blogs and logs

Evening Guys and girls,

Small update well text heavy update. Its been too hot and humid to really sit down and focus on hobbying for the past week, I think all I have achieved in 3 days off is to saw up a few more chosen so they are ready to be turned into plague marines.

I have however sorted out my modelling cupboard:

Far far far more organised than it was before, I actually can find stuff now. Also added my current Corsairs projects to the corsair shelf of my cabinet, there may be the odd thing in there that I haven't shown on here yet:

So onto the point of this post some very inspiring blogs that have been catching my eye:

Officio Convertorum

Officio Convertorum is the blog of the highly talented Jeff Vader, he specialises in creating some fantastic INQ28 models and more recently has been creating his own minor Chaos God complete with lesser daemon models, as well as plenty of concept art.

Forlorn Hope

The blog of Sheep a fellow victim of the nagging of Rictus, Sheep produces some amazing work one look at his latest creation a Ad Mech knight titan is all you need to see. His Tyranids and Sons of Horus marines in particular are worth a look, as the marines in particular I have drawn plenty of inspiration from.

Night Lords 8th Grand Company by Darkven

The log of another talented modeller called DarkVen, this is possibly my favourite chaos marine log from across the forums at the moment. His specialises in heavily customised and characterful marines, his approach to his army is very much the same as mine and I hope my corsiars will look as good as a army when they are finished as his collective force so far looks.

Well thats it for now, I hope to have another plague marine update in a few days time.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

weekly ramblings #8

Evening guys and girls,

Its been quiet in here of late though I do have reasons 2 6 day weeks at work followed by a week away in Scotland visiting family and friends. Thus work on anything hobby related has slowed to a crawl.

I do however have a quick update to stop rictus from hassling me :-P I've recently started working on a few red corsair bits, mainly so as I have time to try and get them painted before my next meet up with rictus and nife.

So finding I still had my DV chosen left, I searched for a use for them, given they don't fit in with the style I have done for the regular corsair squads. I settled on converting them to plague marines who are fighting under hurons banner:

The heavily warped nature of the chosen really aides in the conversion, plus given I intend them to be death guard they actually look 10,000 years old.

I'm planning on doing a squad of 7 of these guys which should prove useful in games of zone mortallis.

Well thats it for now, will hopefully have gotten a bit more done over the weekend.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Weekly Ramblings #7

Evening guys and girls,

It's update time, been slowly workong on some bits mainly so as not to push my hand too much and set it off again. Main project I have been working on is another Inq28 model.

This one is a fun little project as after dropping PDH a PM over on the Ammo bunker asking if it was possible to have a contact card(random cards given out at Molotovs Inqvitational events). He had a word with Molotov and Riseofthemagi and I was given a choice of 2 cards to use as the basis of a conversion. I picked the below:

This one is a rather blank canvas, I've opted to have her as a highborn nobel woman who despises her own kind and thus takes great pleasure in killing them off with poison. This poison she cultivates from various poisonous flowers,

This is the conversion so far, the base mode was the high elf hand maiden:

rather pleased with it so far, the smile though has been a pain to do I'm still not fully happy with it yet.

In other news I ventured to Warhammer World with Rictus last week and for once only came back with the basis for the above conversion and 2 art prints:

Can't go wrong with a bit of Tau stuff, infact I have returned to updating my old army a project I haven't touched in probably 2 years. As part of that project I shall be setting myself a challenge and the reward for completing it will be a Riptide battlesuit. Whats the chalenge I hear you cry, well I shall earn a riptide once I paint 100 can laugh now

Given I have such a back log of stuff such as Sedition wars, Quest, Red Corsairs, Epic, Heresy era White scars and the Tau themselves I have more than enough variety to keep me going.

Wish me luck haha

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Normal service resumes

Evening guys and girls,

Been a quiet few weeks in here, but I have a valid reason and that is doctors orders.........I've been down with a bad infection in my hand, I blame having to take in the deliveries at work meaning I get to grub around in the dusty basement. So 1 week of antibiotics later as well as the doctor telling me not to get any irritants on my hand and I'm back.

My hand still isn't fully healed so I'm taking things slowly, so today I've done a little work on the inquisitor:

I've been starting to add detail to his one shoulder pad, the nicely 40k word repent has been added and I'm in the process of building up the armour around it.

I have another inq28 project coming up soon too but more on that in later updates..............

Well thats it for now guys, hopefully another update in a day or 2 as I have started repainting some old tau stuff again.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

weekly ramblings #6 - Wip inquisitor

Good evening guys and girls,

Its time for another weekly update, this time based around a wip inquisitor:

mock up of how i intend to have his arms

He is based around the fantasy khorne lord though with a hell of a lot of cutting and shaving. The torso has larely been resculpted into some armour I saw in some artwork from the inq rule book.

Main reason for attempting it was the challange it posed the little figure holding the sword went through 2 versions before I was happy wth it. Still need to detail his shoulder guards and sort out proper arms for him.

Well thats it for now guys not actually got much else to say now as I'm stuck back at work haha, as ever let me know what you think

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

weekly ramblings #5

Evening guys and girls,

Its update time again, I'm actually off this entire week the first full week I've had off work in a year and a half. Needless to say I have been squeezing some hobby time in.

I've mainly been working on inq28 stuff as for once I actually have the energy to sit and focus on sculpting :-D

So first up is some progress on the mutant crime boss type guy:

still a lot to do on him, I think his arms will take the longest now as I will have to largely scratch sculpt them. Thinking of using catachan arms as the basis of them.

Next up we have some work on the gunslinger woman:

I've been trying to salvage the conversion by adding some armour but to me it still looks terrible, I think I might tear off all the gs work and start again....

Well thats it for now guys, I'll likely have another update early next week :-)

Sunday, 26 May 2013


Evening guys and girls,

The blog has hit a big milestone in the past few days, that is that I now have 100 followers this is something of an honour to me as when I first set this up I never for a second would have thought that so many people would be interested in my work.

So all I can say is a big thank you to you all for the support and I hope you carry on finding my adventures in the hobby interesting :)

Right I have a bit of an update tonight, first up another heavily WiP inq model:

This guy I picture as some kind of gang/syndicate boss obviously a mutant or abhuman whose sheer brutality and cunning has made him rise to the top. He is a combination of an ork boy torso and chaos cultist legs to give him a nice hunched and powerful frame.

This model will be dual purpose, given its highly unlikely I wil ever play inquisitor he will also serve as a gang leader for necromunda a game I can see me, Rictus and Nife eventually getting round to playing.

Next up we have my first Test Stand for epic:

Yes im mad i attempted legion symbols. This was rather quick to do but looks pretty affective. I will of course be doing stands in bigger batches normally. I just wanted to get a test one done to nail down the scheme.

Thats it for now guys, I'll have another update in a few days time :)

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Inq28: WiP Bounty Hunter

Evening guys and Girls,

As threatened the onter day here is another update, 2 in one week I spoil you dont I haha :P

Here is the Bounty Hunter I have been working on for INQ28:

He is an exercise in random inspiration hitting me and then me actually having the motivation to make him. Drawn inspiration from various sources for this guy and I am rather pleased with him so far. I figured he would make a good well traveled Bounty hunter so I've given him som fairly decent equipment that he has acquired in his travels, first amongst that a Pulse Carbine.

Still some work to be done on him mainly tidying up and smaller touches. the machine pistol arm is only tacked on and needs a bit more work doing to it as it seems to long at the moment.

Well thats it for now, let me know what you think :)

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Weekly Ramblings #4

Evening Guys and girls,

Week or is it 2 later than normal? bah it doesn't matter as to be totally honest I have barely done any work hobby wise due to work and then having a nice weekend away with the GF.

Anyway I'm back to rambling on about hobby stuff. This time focused on INQ28mm :O

I've been sorting through boxes of models today and found out the stockpiled bits for my neglected inq28 project. I initially stored them away because of a complete lack of ideas or inspiration, in a shocking turn of events upon getting them out and having a look a where I left off inspiration struck. So now I'm back to workin gon a few bits:

2 new WiP characters

Really need to finish these pair

It feels good to be doing some more involved sculpting instead of simply filling gaps on truescaled corsairs, seems to have been an eternity since I actually just sat and sculpted.

The other side of messing with INQ again is its tempting me to come out of my self imposed exile from forums namely from the Ammo Bunker. I abandoned most forums before because I simply no longer held the interest or drive to actually take an active part in the community and keep updating. This is a far cry from when I used to be heavily involved over there, I guess times change. We'll see what happens, but joining the rather talanted bunch on the inq section over there is highly tempting.

In other news my normal partners in hobby crime known only as Rictus and Nife have decided it would be a good idea to do Epic with a horus heresy theme, of course they also decided that it would be a good idea to nag and bully me into joining them...............Thus I have a batch of epic stuff heading my way from Ebay, I'm thinking battle of Calth themed Word Bearers. More on this when the models arrive :)

Well that sit for now, might try get an update done during the week.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Weekly Update #3 - The Dead Gods return

Well its that time again, I'm actually surprised that I've kept this up for 3 weeks now haha

So I'm finally back onto normal hours at work, meaning I get my life back and with that a bit of time for hobbying. The necron lord still isn't quite finished but given I want to stick at these weekly updates I figured I'd get some pics of him anyway:

Mr Feral suggested I go for an ash waste type base for him, and I think its worked out rather well(proves he can be right occasionally ;) ).

I also now have 10 Immortals, mainly because I got bored of waiting for wayland to dispatch my order so I just braved GW Birmingham when I was in the city the other day and picked some up. I have the first 5 built and these will be getting undercoated tonight.

As if to just prove me wrong, today I have recieved shipping confirmation from Wayland, only taken them 2 weeks to dispatch items that were supposed to be in stock................everytime they pull this crap I will say I wont buy from them again, but I know I will end up going back to them yet again :(

Also here is a bit of a shouth out to my good friend High Marshal Dave, he has just returned to his blog after a prolonged break from it. Hes working largely on FoW stuff at the moment so go pay him a visit :) :

And I'll leave this update with the latest song from one of my favourite bands heres hoping they tour around by me this year :D

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Weekly Ramblings #2

Good evening readers,

Time for another of my new weekly posts :) , been kept rather busy with work the past week so haven't had much energy for a lot of hobbying. However a new distraction has landed..............

The first of my planned 500pt Necron force has arrived that being the Anrakyr the traveller model, this model caught my attention when I was in the warhammer world miniatures hall and I thought he would be the model i would use for my lord.

He's very WiP but you get the idea of the scheme I'm going for:

I'm still undecided on what basing style to go for, I'm currently thinking urban as it will contrast with the boney colour. I'm open to any suggestions for bases though :)

I ordered this guy direct from GW as I thought if there was a problem with the finecast its far easier to get it changed. He came withn 2 days of ordering which is funny really as I ordered some immortals off Wayland games 3 days before I ordered the guy and they havent even been dispatched yet........................

Well thats it for another week, as ever let me know what you think guys :)

Monday, 15 April 2013

Weekly Ramblings 1#

Evening readers time for what I hope will be a regular feature.

That being a weekly post something I have stolen off that despicable Mr Feral. So to start it off this week here are some WiP corsair terminators:

These guys are converted from the plastic dark vengeance ones, originally they were meant to be finished in time for my meet up with Rictus and Nife however work prevented that from happening :( With our next meet up happening in 6 months time it gives em time to really go to town on them a bit more.

They are similar in theme to my power armoured marines although these guys will be getting more chaosy details and effects given they are effectively drawn from Hurons inner circle. The instant mold I have has proven invaluable again letting me make the chaos star talisman on the one guy.

Next up is the very early bare bones stage of my terminator lord. Given the rather poor performance of the power armoured one in games I figured i needed soemthing with a little more hitting power. Step in terminator armour:

His pose is inspired by my original corsair model from a few years back:

Will be taking my time over this model given he will be my centre piece leader, you will see him take shape over the coming weeks.

Next up is my rough list for the possible 500pt Zone Mortallis Necron Force:


Overlord - War Scythe, Sempiternal weave


10 Immortals

10 Immortals - Tesla Carbines

Fast Attack

3 Canoptek Wraiths

Not sure how effective this would be but its nice and compact.

Anyway thats it for now, shall return with another ramble in a weeks time

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Stirring from slumber

Good evening guys and girls,

I'm back again, 2 months since my last post............

I do have a valid excuse this time however, I've been working 6 day weeks for the past 7 weeks with another 2 and a half to go before I return to normal hours this has left me with very little free time. Add to this I now have a girlfriend and that time is further constricted.

This means I have failed to really do any hobby at all short of getting a few more corsairs converted up:

Because of this I failed to get my next batch of models done in time for my weekend meet up with Rictus and Nife(Which just so happened to have been this weekend just gone)

Speaking of which a good time was had even if I ended up leaving with the new Tau codex, pathfinders and commander. Then from Forge world I ended up with: 4 Tau Barracuda and 2 Tigersharks for Aeronautica Imperialis as well as the show only Krieg quartermaster. I blame Rictus for all of this......

So my Current plan is to get the corsairs to 1000pts and update my Tau army hopefully when I'm back to my normal work hours I can get back to being productive :-)

Friday, 1 February 2013

More Strain Conversion WiPs

Evening readers,

Its quick update time again, been plugging away at the sculpt work on 3 Strain over the past few evenings and have some WiP pics to show:

This guy is the one from my previous update, I'm calling him finished and will be painting him soon.

This one is the most heavily converted to date, I have to heavily chop up one of the models I then added a push molded head of the female vanguard trooper. After that its a case of a lot of sculpt work looking again to the femal troopers armour. I havent replicated it perfectly at the moment as 1. I doubt that is within my ability and 2. it would take forever haha.

Theres still some work left to do on it but shouldnt take much longer.

This guy is another conversion his arms have been repositioned with teh aid of some boiling water, I have then begun to add a few sculpted touches to him. with the knee pads and holster I have looked at the metal light armour vanguard models on the Studio Mcvey site, I will likely have this guy as being former security from the space station who has since been infected and begun to mutate.

I've also slowly been building up the first squad for the white scars but these are rather boring at the moment so theres no need for pictures, I have also bought 6 raven wing bikers off Rictus which shall form the core of the large bike squad I shall do for the small army, going to aim for 9 bikes and maybe a commander on a bike.

Thats it for now, I'm in the process of painting some more Strain so an update wont be far off :)