Sunday, 28 July 2013

Weekly Ramblings #9 - Inspiring blogs and logs

Evening Guys and girls,

Small update well text heavy update. Its been too hot and humid to really sit down and focus on hobbying for the past week, I think all I have achieved in 3 days off is to saw up a few more chosen so they are ready to be turned into plague marines.

I have however sorted out my modelling cupboard:

Far far far more organised than it was before, I actually can find stuff now. Also added my current Corsairs projects to the corsair shelf of my cabinet, there may be the odd thing in there that I haven't shown on here yet:

So onto the point of this post some very inspiring blogs that have been catching my eye:

Officio Convertorum

Officio Convertorum is the blog of the highly talented Jeff Vader, he specialises in creating some fantastic INQ28 models and more recently has been creating his own minor Chaos God complete with lesser daemon models, as well as plenty of concept art.

Forlorn Hope

The blog of Sheep a fellow victim of the nagging of Rictus, Sheep produces some amazing work one look at his latest creation a Ad Mech knight titan is all you need to see. His Tyranids and Sons of Horus marines in particular are worth a look, as the marines in particular I have drawn plenty of inspiration from.

Night Lords 8th Grand Company by Darkven

The log of another talented modeller called DarkVen, this is possibly my favourite chaos marine log from across the forums at the moment. His specialises in heavily customised and characterful marines, his approach to his army is very much the same as mine and I hope my corsiars will look as good as a army when they are finished as his collective force so far looks.

Well thats it for now, I hope to have another plague marine update in a few days time.


  1. Thanks for the props, and advertisement mate.

    And Rictus is a bully, I live in another country and he still gets me!

  2. I second that! Thanks for the plug mate!

  3. haha no worries guys you deserve it :)

    @Sheep: we should found some sort of international society of anti bullying to try protect anyone else from being a victim :P

  4. Stop moaning the pair of you.

    I don't make either of you buy anything. I just make it easier for you and give you the excuse to buy the things you were already going to buy.

  5. I, for one, deeply appreciate Rictus' efforts to keep you two talents working. :P

    Good redesign of the blog mate, looking forward to the next model based update as always.