Monday 29 August 2011

Some interesting Blogs

Afternoon Readers,

Figured I would do something I've been meaning to do for a fair while (has been ages since I last posted up links) and that is post up some links to some great blogs that I have been enjoying looking at lately :)

So here we go:

Brummies wargaming blog

Regular commenter on my blog as well as being a fellow Midlander Brummie works on a wide variety of stuff under the umbrella of the post apoc/zombie apocalpyse setting. He has a great selection of models with solid paint jobs, my current favourite being his yakuza gang.

Legion of Plastic

The new blog of Migsula a well known figure in the 40k community, his work on INQ28mm and Inq-munda is awesome and I draw a lot of inspiration from it, the inquisitor that he converted from the plastic chaos sorcerer lord is what made me go out and buy the same model to base my heretek on
From the Desk of the Supreme Double Thinker

Another New blog this time by Lukas aka Tepok from the Ammobunker, his WW2 inspired IG are ace with me pinching a fair few ideas from him. Hes currently working on a pioneer squad as well as a terrain board that is shaping up very nicely.

Heresy Workshop

Great blog that is currently focusing on a Heresy era Sons of Horus army, plenty of characterful conversions and a scary amount of FW marines. His converted contemptor pattern dreadnought is what has made me consider getting one.

Tinners Blog

Again another new Blog(I sense the nagging of SchoolCormorant is at hand :P) this time from Tinners of Ammobunker and Warseer notoriety. Tinners has some unholy skills with plastic card with his scratch built tanks being amazing. Hes currently working on a display board for his armoured company that is looking very nice.

Lazy and distracted

The blog of new follower Oli, some awesome stuff in here especially his Silent hill themed Daemons, apartment block terrain piece and converted Dreadknight, well worth a look.

One of the blogs of follower RED this one showcasing his work on his fantastic Red Scorpions Space marine army, a great showcase of painting and weathering techniques. His Red Scorpions also featured on GWs Whats New Today page. Hes currently working on a contemptor pattern dreadnought which is making me want to reconsider my choice of deciding not to get one haha

well that's it for today, hopefully you guys will find these blogs as interesting as I do :)

Should be back within a day or 2 with some more updates of both the INQ28mm and IG kill team variety

Sunday 28 August 2011

INQ28mm skitarii WiP

Evening readers, it hasn't been 10 days since my last update so I've kept my promise :P

Had a day of watching sport today UFC from last night, plus the F1 and most of the Man City game quite odd for me haha.

I have however been working on some bits and pieces whilst watching them chief amongst them being the first skitarii for my Hereteks retinue:

Hes based on a cadian with a lot of GS work and still loads more to go, used a ghoul head for him to get that angry chaos style expression, will likely add a horn bursting through his hood just to show the effects of exposure to chaos on him despite the Hereteks fluff making him not specifically a chaos worshipper.

Also managed to get the 3rd mechadendrite done and attached to the heretek and a bit more work done on the armature for my techno assassin woman:

In other news brought my ticket for Gamefest the other night so will be at the NEC 2 weeks in a row given how GD is the weekend after it.

On the subject of games I'm still on the fench about Space Marine, the demo was good far better than I thought it was going to be. But given the number of games I want to get over the next few months (Dead island, Arkham city, Bloodrayne: betrayal and Battlefield 3 to name just a few) I'm not sure whether to get it or keep the money to go towards one of them :(

Also welcome to new followers The Antipope, Lukas and Tinners cheers for the support guys :)

Well thats it for now shall have another update in a day or 2 as I'm blitzing through the GS work on teh IG kill team :)

Friday 26 August 2011

INQ28mm combat servitor and some IG

10 days again between updates, I'm sorry guys :( had a bit of time off from hobby things which has paid off as its allowed me to fully plan out the skitarii I will be making :D

So we have a few updates, fist up the Combat Servitor is very nearly finished:

Arch Heretek Malek and his Combat Servitor

Very happy with him so far, the gun arm still needs finishing off mind. The plan for teh bladed arm was to make it look like its based on an alien weapon so I used Dark Eldar blades, Ive then sculpted on teh pistons and a plate of armour to tie him to the Heretek.

His legs have also been bulked out a little as they were looking to thin.

I haven't managed to get much more done on the heretek, the mechadendrites take some time to make :(

Next up news wise is that I have started making a 10 man Kill Team to use on the Ammo Bunkers "Spiders Web" board at Games Day. Opted for IG and have gone for a halo ODST feel to them whilst trying to keep them "40k" they are still Heavily WiP :

The Sarge is a counts as bastonne and his USR for the day will be feel no pain, so I've given him the heavily scared head and bionic arm from the cadian command squad to represent this :).

In other news it looks like I will no longer be getting a contemptor pattern dreadnought given that the money I had put a sside for it I instead spent on these:

2 Signed J Scott Campbell art books Which have been shipped from America and should be here soon I hope :D  I don't get the free print mind as I brought them off his webstore and not at the convention :P

The more I thought about it the more I thought that the contemptor is too expensive, can't justify that sort of money on a single model especially when I don't game much where as I enjoy art books alot having also recently aquired the Art of Darksiders book.

I think my likely purchases at GD will be some single models to convert for INQ28mm :)

Welcome to new follower Vent too, cheers for the support dude :)

Well thats it for now, I promise this time it won't be as long between updates :(

Monday 15 August 2011

Arch Heretek and Other WiPs

Evening Readers, wow 10 days since my last update thats rather poor of me :(

However to make up for it I do have some pictures :) been working more on the heretek and after deciding to make him a small entourage have started working on a combat servitor for him:

very pleased with how they are turning out so far, the mechadendrites still need filing down a bit more and I have a further 2 to make.

The servitor still needs a fair bit of work doing largely his arms, one shall have an experimental weapon which will be a hybrid of tau and imperial tech to follow my Hereteks theme of dabbling in forbidden technologies :)

I plan to make some more stuff for his entourage including:

  • True scale Word Bearer
  • 1 or 2 skitarii
  • Female techno assassin
  • Daemonhost

and possibly a mutant.

These will progress very slowly, for the true scale marine I shall likely be trying Doghouses method using Terminator legs and largely sculpting the torso :)

Next up we have a test model for the Steel Praetorians, his weapons and other bits still need painting but I wanted to get his armour colours sorted first:

This is the 2nd attempt at the purple the first one coming out far to bright and pinky, big thanks to Nife over on Ammo Bunker for providing me with his method of painting a nice deep purple.

It's also come to my attention via Rictus that the scroll bars I have added to my blog lists don't work properly in internet explorer :(
I use firefox and they display fine in that and also tested it out on Chrome and it works fine in that. I shall try and fix the problem if not I will  have to remove the code :(

Thats it for now, let me know what you think guys :)

Also welcome to new followers: HOT, Simonster and Red cheers for the support guys

Friday 5 August 2011

Arch Heretek WiP

Evening readers,

Its update time and as promised its based around the plastic chaos sorcerer lord I am converting. The model arrived yesterday and I've been working on it on and off both today and yesterday.

There however has been a slight change of plan, I've opted to go for a Heretek instead of loyalist Ad Mech as this gives me a bit more options to add some character too him. So heres the heavily WiP pictures then I will talk through them:

Right although he is chaos aligned my idea is that he uses it as a way of accessing warp based tech as well as for protection such as working with a Chaos Traitor Legion or Warband. With this theme in mind I didn't want him to be to heavily mutated, so he will look pretty much like a loyalist tech priest but with chaos influenced Armour and symbols.

The main thing I' adding to give him some character is Xenos tech, my idea being that no longer tied to the strict mandates of the Ad Mech he can experiment with alien technology. So he has an Eldar plasma grenade as well as various bits of Tau tech on his belt.

the mechadrites are very much WiP, using thin Florists wire as the basis for them with my rather clumsy plastic card skills for the claws at the end of them :P

Well thats it for now guys, as ever let me know what you think :)

Tuesday 2 August 2011

Brain Storming

Evening readers,

Bit of a random post here as it will have no models in it, but instead a few ideas for up and coming projects. First up I finally ordered my Games Day ticket yesterday, which got me thinking about what I shall buy at GD and well its down to a contemptor pattern dreadnaught al least for now, £45 for one model doesn't feel good really :(

The thing is if I get a contemptor I will likely build a small marine force around it with whatever mariney bits I have lying around so the past few days I have been brain storming ideas and have come up with this scheme:

I have dubbed them The Steel Praetorians for now, they will have a roman vibe hence the Praetorian name and also the purple to give a nod towards Roman Praetorians. I  was thinking the chest eagles and any other roman or greek inspired stuff I sculpt on (carved faces, eagles etc) would be painted up as marble.

This plan of course depends on if I get a contemptor or not hahaha

Another plan though will work, at the same time as ordering my GD ticket I also ordered the new plastic chaos sorcerer lord to use as a basis for a conversion. This was inspired by 2 threads over on Dakka Dakka:

Pimp my Wizard 40k

Pimp my Sorcerer 40k

these are 2 very inspiring threads, the idea behind them being to take one of the new GW plastic fantasy wizards and convert them to 40k, with me loving character making I thought I would give it a go, so armed with a picture of the Sorcerer lord from the GW website and GIMP i have made up whis sketch of what I plan to do:

Will be some form of Ad mech commander who might possibly might be my first step into 28mm scale Inquisitor as championed by Molotov in his blog Inq28mm of course I'm gettign a head of myself need to convert the ad mech guy first :P

Well thats it for now the sorcerer model should arrive in a day or 2 and work can begin, so I will liekly be back when some progress has been made on him :)

Also Welcome to new followers spyrle and fabio cheers for the support guys :)