Friday 29 July 2011

IG platoon command squad

Wow over a week since my last update, I'm slacking :P

Been quiet on the hobby front had a slight loss of interest in the stuff for the past week or so. However after reading a post over on my friends blog : The Spring Offensive I decided I would give Schoolcormorants oakleaf method a go, so I picked up some Vallejo paints the other day and had a crack at doing it on a platoon command squad:

pretty pleased with it, its mostly GW paints but the light green is vallejo german camo bright green. Must say I do like the vallejo paints and they work out slightly cheaper than GW ones.

Not to sure what I will tackle next, I might do a scratch sculpt for a change though I'm getting tempted by Malifaux. GW game wise I'm thinking of possibly getting a contemptor pattern dreadnaught when I go to games day and well Rictus is insisting on it..........hes terrible for suggesting new projects.

Whilst I'm here welcome to new followers: Vladdd309 and Jan cheers for the support guys :)

Wednesday 20 July 2011

Kommander Sorscha Finished

Another update already, I'm as supprised as you guys :P

managed to get Sorscha pretty much finished today:

The pictures have come out horribly these are the best 2 of the batch and even these have washed out a lot of the highlights :( hall have to get some in proper daylight tomorrow.

Enjoyed painting this model, considering getting another warmachine model or two to paint, likely the khador widowmakers as I like the looks of those :)

Next on the painting list is the Sorceress I recently did GS work on. Shall get started on her in the coming days really need to finish off the first brethren  for the cult of the possessed too.

Also welcome to new followers Matias and Gewaltatron cheers for the support guys :)

Tuesday 19 July 2011

More WiP Vahallans and PiP Sorscha

Evening readers,

Got a quick update for you today, the valhallans have multiplied :P :

suprising myself how fast I have been able to get these 3 to this level, scary haha. The one who is pointing will be the sarge of the squad and will eventually be armed with a PPsH style SMG. I've never got the whole squad leaders get a CC weapon and a pistol its rather dumb so mine shall get SMGs which are CC weapons really.

Will get the hat and coat collar done on the sarge tonight :)

Next up we have my second ever Warmachine model, this time Kommander Sorscha. She is an awesome sculpt got her off a friend of mine for £3 a bargain to me. Started painting her today and this is the progress so far:

Pretty fun model to paint, steered away from the bright reds that seem to feature on all the khador stuff and given her a pale green and brown scheme which I think works quite well :)

Well thats it for now I expect next time I update I will have a 4th Valhallan to show :P speaking of which thanks for all the feedback to the first one I put up, its appreciated :)

Before I go what would you guys think to me entering like a squad of 5 of the valhallans into the Golden Demon at the UK gamesday, I know with my painting I have no chance in hell of winning anything but could be fun. Plus it gets you into the NEC slightly earlier than everyone else so is worth it just for that :P

Friday 15 July 2011

Valhallan Trooper Conversion WiP

Evening readers, bit of a random update here.

Was my brothers university graduation yesterday so spent the whole day at his campus and probs had a little to much wine before going and having a meal. So today I've been rather hung over and half dead haha :P

So to try keep myself awake during the day I have had a crack at converting a plastic catachan into a valhallan/soviet themed guardsman. This was inspired by a series of documentaries I've been watching called Soviet Storm: The war in the East which is about WW2 from the soviet perspective since watching it I've had an itch to make something Soviet themed for 40K.

Add to that the fact I wanted to have another crack at making a guardsman in a Great coat, I've tried multiple times but never been happy with the results. Anyway enough of me babbling on heres the pics:

He's come out pretty well so far, need to sort out some arms for him and finish off a few bits and pieces then he will be pretty much done. This guy will likely be a one off though its tempting to make a squad of them. We'll see what happens :P

Whilst I'm here welcome to new followers Vitor and Brummie cheers for the support guys :)

Monday 11 July 2011

Tablet sketch

Well I threatened it last time and well its here, time to put up a sketch :O

I'm a bit out of practice with the tablet been sketching on paper more lately so I'm a tad rusty, already can see mistakes on the face, finally beginning to get somewhere style wise too :D

right so to the artwork:

This is a character called Hana from a PS1 game called Fear Effect 2: Retro Helix , why such an obscure game I hear you ask well been sorting out the loft recently and found some old PS1 games in a box this being one of them, I vaguely remember playing it though I was always more into tekken and platform games than survival horror ones as a kid.

After a quick google search I decided to have a crack at drawing her. As her costume looked rather simple. Heres a link to the gamespot page for the game for those interested.

Added a few simple colours using the tone sheet effects I've got on GIMP, not a perfect drawing like I said but I feel that I'm improving.

Whilst on the subject of art I stumbled upon a great site the other day called been very useful for searching artists I like so as I can then look at their work and incorporate some of their influence into my own style :)

I guess this means I can put something on the Digital Art sub page at last haha

Saturday 9 July 2011

Whats on the Desk

Evening readers, thought I'd do another of my whats on the desk updates so as you can see what I'm working on at the moment :)

First up we have my first ever Warmachine model, High Exemplar Kreoss found this guy in a shop in town the other day for only £4 which is pretty damn cheap for this hobby, so I figured I would get him to paint:

Still very much a work in progress though the red on his robes is pretty much finished, hes quite fun to paint a nice change from GW stuff. Even brought another warmachine model off a friend yesterday so will soon have kommander Sorscha to paint up too :)

Next up its some more stuff for the Cult of the possessed. First is the Paint in progress Brethren, hes nearly done:

Next up is the early WiP of the first possessed for the warband:

Based this guy on a kroot warrior to make him nice and tall plus get some nice feet. looked to the keeper of secrets model for inspiration for the elongated head and exaggerated muscles.

The arms are just tacked on to show the parts I will be using. For the claw I will likely just use the claw itself and then sculpt the rest of the arm to go with it :)

Well thats it for now, I really need to do some sketches at some point or the whole Digital artwork page will be rather pointless haha.

Let me know what you think guys :)

Tuesday 5 July 2011

Mordheim: Finished Beastman

Another update in the space of a Day, what is this heresy :P

Just a quick one this time, managed to get the beastman finished today:

Really pleased with how this guy has turned out, put a lot of effort into it, using a wet palette for a lot of it to ensure I got some nice highlights. There are some parts I'm not happy with such as the horns, but I always struggle with painting bone.

The photos have washed the highlight to the fur and wood out some what, but then thay have also made the gems look really good, so I guess you win some and lose some :P

Now as I have this guy done I've got an itch to get a brethren painted up to see what they will look like :D

Well thats it for now, as ever let me know what you think guys

Monday 4 July 2011

Mordheim: Cult of the Possessed Beastman

Afternoon readers, time for a quick update :)

received my half of a beastmen box that I split with Rictus a few days ago, and of course I had to get started with making one. So a after a few days work I have got the first of 3 beastmen finished:

Not as GS intensive as other models from the warband, though having to resculpt most of the left arm did take a while. The idea of the pose is that he is pointing at someone and challenging them to combat. Decided to give him a sort of hood thing to tie him in with the rest of the warband.

Must say that I think the Gor models are now some of my favourite GW models, this being the first time I've handled them. This guy is going to be painted over the next few days, so I should be back with an update then :)

As Ever let me know what you think guys :)

Seen as Chthonics new album is released today I shall leave you with some music, a track from their new album :P :