Saturday, 15 December 2012

Red Corsair Sorcerer and the Great Heresy looms

Good evening readers,

Update time, been kept usy with work and christmas preparations of late which have served as a good break from hobbying for a while. However now Im back, and I bring 2 things in the update:

First up Corsair sorcerer now with paint:

I need to sort out the flames some more but they shall do for now as I dont want to over do the painting of the corsairs as I still have a fair few to do and dont really want to burn out :)

Next up we have thes WiP of a test model for my heresy era Imperial Fists:

I got quite a bargain off Ebay of 3 Mk IV and 8 Mk V marines all with phobes bolters and without a single trace of paint on them:

combine these with the legion MkIV squad I picked up at telford model shop as well as my section of the FW order Rictus recently placed and I think I'm pretty much sorted for infantry for a significant time haha.

Theres no truescaling going on with this guys as I dont really want to hack up resing incase i make soem major mistake and well these are planned around future games against Rictus and Nife neither of which will be doing anything truescale.

This guy is my first time painting something in pretty much pure yellow a colour I normally avoid like hellfire  however with me wanting to do a seige of terra themed mini force fists were the ones that appealed to me most as well Im not doign blood angels as that is just more red and White scars are a no as I hate painting white more than I hate painting yellow :P

Well thats it for now guys, with christmas getting closer updates will be sporadic though I shall attempt to get one mor ein before christmas day :)

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Red Corsairs: Finished Sorcerer Conversion

Evening guys,

Quick update time, I've finally finished off the last bits of GS work on the sorcerer and got some better pics of him:

Really happy with this guy, hes turned out pretty much as I pictured him all those months ago when the images of the DV libby first popped up on the web. Time to get him undercoated and I will attempt to get him painted up over the next few days :)

Whilst I'm here, here is a sneak peak of the terminators I've been slowly converting, they have been truescaled but not to the level of work I do on the power armoured marines.
These guys just have a single 1mm piece of Plastic card in their shins and this is enough to make them stand slightly taller than the normal corsairs, saves me a fair bit of time too :

Still a long way to go on them, given I havent even started work on the other 2 out of the DV set yet :(

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Bases and more bases

Evening readers irregular update time :-P

I return home from work today to find a parcel awaiting from none other than that scoundrel Rictus, it contained the first casts he made of the bases I sculpted to use with warhammer quest. So I've quickly glued a few of the stormvermin I have onto them:

Next up are some bases I've started to make up for my small Heresy Era Imperial fists force:

In other news me and Rictus have finally managed to nag Nife into setting up a blog, now be warned he only paints once or twice a millenium but when he does, it is worth seeing. Who knows we might be able to get him to paint more often with sufficient nagging :P

Go take a look and join the nagging bandwagon.

Update on the Sorcerer and ome Terminators soon too :)

Thursday, 22 November 2012

WiP: Corsair Sorcerer Conversion

Good afternoon guys,

Its update time again :-) , after a month or so off from working on the Red Corsairs Im back to preparing the next batch for painting. this being the slowest part the conversion work.

Now the next batch of stuff I will be preparing is an additional 250pts ready for the next meet up at WHW with Rictus and Nife, that 250pts roughly works out to:
  • 3 Terminators
  • 5 Plague marines
  • Sorcerer(so I can swap between him and the normal lord)

I will be working on some Raptors, Cultists and another tactical sized squad of corsairs at the same time.

Anyway to the point of this update, pictures:

This is based on the Dark Vengeance Librarian, hes been true scaled in line with the rest of my corsairs, I've swapped the arm out to give him a bit more of an open pose I've kept the force weapon from the base model and started to add some flames to it. I wasnt't a fan of the original head so have given him a helmet taken from one of the chosen.

Over all I'm rather happy with how hes turned out, just a case of finishing him off now :)

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Warhammer Quest stuff on the desk

Evening guys,

Quick update time. Thought I would share some of the Warhammer Quest bits I have started to work on:

First up a Dark Elf sorceress:

This is 1 of the Avatars of War models that I picked up when we visited Maelstrom Games/eye of the storm a few weeks back. it is a really nice sculpt (well most of Felix's sculpts are rather epic) the only thing that lets it down is the face...looks like a blow up doll haha

I'm rather happy with how the skin has come out on her, just a cast of finishing off the metallics now and then waiting for my box of dark elf corsairs to arrive to make her some friends........I ordered it 2 weeks ago damn you Wayland Games.

Next up is the heavily WiP Skaven Warlord:

This is the GD model from a year or 2 back, quest has given me the perfect excuse to paint up a few skaven. I've already picked up 10 stormvermin on sprue from eBay that I shall be building over the coming days and Rictus provided me with some Plague monks so I'm off to a good start.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Red Corsairs at 500pts

Yes its me, I'm back again after yet another long absence.

It has taken me a while to work my way back round to the blog and well posting in general, I went through a point of wondering if it was worth posting and documenting my work on the net at all. But alas for now I have decided to stick with it.

So what have I been up to over the past few months, well thats mainly been me getting 500pts of Corsairs painted up for the weekend of gaming I had at WHW with Rictus and Nife 2 weeks ago:

There are some cultists missing from these photos that i didnt quite finish in time so I left them off. Also here is a pic of the helbrute before I Painted it just to show the conversion work:

The Weekend has really energised me hobby wise and with us planning on making it a 6 monthly meet up has given me some targets. I'm aiming to get another 250 points for the corsairs painted up as well as some other bits and pieces which are:

Dark Elves and Skaven for Warhammer Quest: Nife bought the game along on the weekend, I've never played it before but was really taken by it so the plan is for each of us to paint up some enemies for the dungeon and put it all together for the game each time we meet up.

I went for my favourites the Dark elves(I have some rather complex conversions planned) and Skaven as I've always fancied painting some but never wanted to do the whole £10000000 horde army of em. Quest lets me gather a handful of them as well as letting me do the more involved conversions on the Drk elves without having to worry about rolling it out across a whole army.

Imperial Fleet for BFG: Long has Rictus nagged me to do these and after actually playing a game I intend to get a small fleet painted up.

Sedition Wars: All 3 of us will be getting a copy of the game and the plan is to paint a few things each and put them all towards actually playing it at the net meet up.

Horus Heresy Imperial Fists: This is a target for future meet ups, that is a 500pt heresy force each I've already begun picking up the odd bits for it and will be repurposing the contemptor I originally got for my word bearers. I have gone for imperial fists mainly for the challenge of painting yellow haha but these will be a while off whilst i gather the models and get a decent recipe for yellow.

Thats it for now I do intend to try and stay active on here from now on, infact I will have the first of my quest models ready to be posted up within a day or two :)

Saturday, 11 August 2012

And 2 months later I'm back, and I bring more Red Corsairs

Well 2 months since my last post, I really need to get back into the habit of posting on my oft leglected corner of cyber space.

The corsairs are progressing at a rather steady pace, and as shocking as it sounds as I type I have nearly finished painting the 6th member of the squad. I have also started on the conversion of the rather unstable leader for my merry band of pirate Scum.

So first up the Lord so far:

This guy has taken a week on an off to get to his stage, the base model for him is chaplain cassius which was suggested by that scoundrel known only as Mr Feral. He has been my first real taste of converting a finecast model, and I must say I am a fan of the material this conversion just would have been soooo much harder if it was a metal miniature.

His face is inspired by two-face from batman, and there will be a fluffy reason behind it.

Next up are a few pictures of all the painted corsairs so far:

The melta gunner and ex-executioner are my current favourites, but over all I am really happy with how these guys are turning out. I may not win any prizes for the speed I'm getting them done but the very fact that they are holding my interest is a miricle in itself given how stop start I have been with the hobby in general this past year.

In other news upon browsing the blogosphere as I do, I noticed that this blog has been mentioned on none other than Dave Taylors page. This was... well rather a shock especially given the quality of the other blogs mentioned alongside it.

Shall be rather a proud moment for me hobby wise, and should hopefully give me a kick in the ass to  keep this place updated :)

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Yet more WIP Red Corsairs

Evening readers,

Small update time again, slowly chugging away on the corsairs. Here are the next 2 in their WiP stage:

Idea for these Pair are that they will be sword brothers formerly of the Swords of Surthur chapter(Home brew but I had to get some viking themed stuff in somewhere) that turned their backs on the imperium together.

That is the rough idea for their fluff, I shall refine it when I post them both up when they are painted.

Started converting the 5th marine now who shall likely be a former member of the raptors chapter.

In other hobby news the sedition wars kickstarter is going incredibly well, glad to see them getting the amount of support and I'm now really looking forward to getting the game. Currently contemplating whether to increase my pledge in order to get the new optional character modelClick on the image below for a link to the kickstarter page:

Also I shall be entering the Hasslefree Miniatures sculpting competition that is running from July through to September. You have to use their new female armature as the basis with 3 categories to choose from, I have my plans for this but I shall keep them secret for now ;)

Friday, 8 June 2012

Corsair number 2

Afternoon Readers,

Been a while sinc ethe last update however work has been keeping me busy, however I have found the time to finish painting the second corsair:

Again hes come out rather well and despite the red being mixed separately from the red i used on the champion it seems to match it pretty much perfectly.

The third corsair is nearly finished GS wise, its just the finer details that are making him take longer with corsair number 4 in the early stages of conversion.

In other hobby related news I finally cracked and invested in Studio Mcveys sedition wars boxed game on kickstarter, the amount of stuff you get was just to good a deal to pass up and its always good to support one of the smaller wargaming companies :)

I plan to try and improve my painting so as I can do the models justice when they arrive, which is set for sometime in November. Might even have a crack at making 3D fully modelled versions of the card tiles that come with it too..............but thats for the future ;)

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Red Corsair Champion finished

Good afternoon readers,

As promised I have been working on the champion over the last 2 days and bar  a few touch ups I've spotted on the pictures.

So I present Reinholt the fallen Templar:

Rather pleased with how he has turned out, looks so much better than even my improved word bearers. The tyrants claw was a bit of a pain to paint but no where near as hard as I thought it was going to be.

A thank you goes out to Mr Feral for suggesting the turquoise for the power weapon :)

Well im back at work tomorrow though I should get chance to start painting the next corsair over the weekend.

Monday, 28 May 2012

More Corsair WiPs

Evening Readers,

Well it appears summer has actually hit us here in England, 1 week so far of high temperatures with it due to continue. We all know that this is the "summer" and after these few weeks of sun we will revert to the more traditional British summer of Rain.

The temperatures combined with work have slowed down my progress on the corsairs, however  I do have a few WiP shots, first up a paint in progress picture of the squad leader:

Rather happy with him so far but there is a log of work yet to be done. He is my first use of the newer GW paints too with his armour being based arounf a 50/50 mix of khorne and mephiston Red. I am impressed with them seem to flow a lot better than the older foundation paints.

Next up are some WiP of the next 2 corsairs one is far my advanced than the other:

I've got 2 days off now so hope to get the painted guy finished off and get these 2 fully converted.

As ever let me know what you think, now I'm off to watch Iron Sky...........