Sunday 11 November 2012

Red Corsairs at 500pts

Yes its me, I'm back again after yet another long absence.

It has taken me a while to work my way back round to the blog and well posting in general, I went through a point of wondering if it was worth posting and documenting my work on the net at all. But alas for now I have decided to stick with it.

So what have I been up to over the past few months, well thats mainly been me getting 500pts of Corsairs painted up for the weekend of gaming I had at WHW with Rictus and Nife 2 weeks ago:

There are some cultists missing from these photos that i didnt quite finish in time so I left them off. Also here is a pic of the helbrute before I Painted it just to show the conversion work:

The Weekend has really energised me hobby wise and with us planning on making it a 6 monthly meet up has given me some targets. I'm aiming to get another 250 points for the corsairs painted up as well as some other bits and pieces which are:

Dark Elves and Skaven for Warhammer Quest: Nife bought the game along on the weekend, I've never played it before but was really taken by it so the plan is for each of us to paint up some enemies for the dungeon and put it all together for the game each time we meet up.

I went for my favourites the Dark elves(I have some rather complex conversions planned) and Skaven as I've always fancied painting some but never wanted to do the whole £10000000 horde army of em. Quest lets me gather a handful of them as well as letting me do the more involved conversions on the Drk elves without having to worry about rolling it out across a whole army.

Imperial Fleet for BFG: Long has Rictus nagged me to do these and after actually playing a game I intend to get a small fleet painted up.

Sedition Wars: All 3 of us will be getting a copy of the game and the plan is to paint a few things each and put them all towards actually playing it at the net meet up.

Horus Heresy Imperial Fists: This is a target for future meet ups, that is a 500pt heresy force each I've already begun picking up the odd bits for it and will be repurposing the contemptor I originally got for my word bearers. I have gone for imperial fists mainly for the challenge of painting yellow haha but these will be a while off whilst i gather the models and get a decent recipe for yellow.

Thats it for now I do intend to try and stay active on here from now on, infact I will have the first of my quest models ready to be posted up within a day or two :)


  1. Sounds good. The force you've painted up looks great especially that Hellbrute, nicely converted I may add.

    1. Cheers dude, must admit I'm rather looking forward to sedition wars shall be something rather different to paint :)