Sunday 19 October 2014

Couple of WiPs

Well its that time of week again.

I haven't been up to too much hobby wise this week. been trying to finish off a few paint in progress infinity models which hopefully should feature on here next week.

I have a couple of WiPs to show though, first up is Hasslefrees tribute to Kusanagi from Ghost in the Shell. A good friend of mine bought me this model for christmas a couple of years back, I have until now been afraid to tackle painting her.

Here is how she stands so far:

Got the colours fairly close to the Anime

Pictures haven't come out the best in all honesty, she does look a lot better in person.

I need to get hasslefress tribute to Batou now to paint up along side her. Might also get their squad of power armoured guys too. Idea is to have them as a swat team and when combined with kusanagi and batou will make some NPC/objective types for use in Infinity/Deadzone

Next up is a WiP Ethereal. As mentioned in last weeks post I'm struggling to motivate myself to do much on the Tau they just really arent inspiring me:

Added a little drone to his base to add a little extra character.

The final  hobby development for the week was this:

Thats right my copy of operation Icestorm finally arrived. Now the quality of the models in it are mind blowing. I shall be getting them built over the course of the week. I do however need to show some restraint in painting them and finish off some of the stuff I have already started.

That and I need to think up a colour scheme for the Nomads haha

Well thats it for this week, a small update but at least I'm still plodding along :P

Sunday 12 October 2014

Infinity: Crusader Brethren

Good evening Guys,

Time for the normal weekly update, as ever it is another Infinity themed one.

I have been plodding along with my first crusader brethren, this one is armed with a HMG I also have one armed with a combi rifle in my painting queue. Bar a few finishing touches he is pretty much done:

I have really enjoyed painting this guy, think he is my current favourite of all the models I have painted so far for the game.

Here is a sneak peek of my next model, a WiP Trauma- Doc:

and the rest of the current painting queue:

Entirely Infinity stuff again......

I have a meet up with Rictus and Nife rapidly approaching where we will actually be playing 40k, I have a few planned additions to my Tau mainly repainting an Ethereal and fire warrior squad that I stripped an age ago.

I keep getting them out to paint and literally managing 5 or 10 minutes on them before getting bored and going back to whatever infinity or deadzone model I am currently working on. Mean while Rictus is blazing away on his Daemons, the speed of his painting has begun to scare me haha.

I have said it before but I will say it again I seem to have lost all interest in GW stuff, it barely motivates me to actually want to convert or sculpt anymore, something which used to be a huge part of the GW side of my hobby time.

Times change I guess, seems boardgames and skirmish games have become more my thing

Saturday 4 October 2014

Review: Antenocitis Workshop Infinity Vehicle set

Evening guys,

This is a bit of a first for me, that is writing a review(well more my thoughts). Today I received an order I placed from Antenocitis workshop, that being their newly released futuristic cars for use with infinity.

I opted for the "Town" vehicle set and the "Tucuxi" sports car (which I have had my eye on for a while).

I have been after some vehicles to use as scatter terrain for Infinity and Deadzone for a while now, even scouring the local pound shops for toy cars to no avail. When I spotted the vehicle sets earlier in the week I knew I had found exactly what I was after.

Here are some pics:

All the vehicles together

Near future smart car? :P



Sports car

The casts are absolutely perfect, not a single issue on any of them.

No mold lines either so after a quick wash these will be ready to paint straight up. I think they have hit the near future vibe on the head perfectly with these, with my favorites being the little transport pods.

Below are a few pics of them with an order sergeant for scale:

I can whole heartedly recommend these sets, they are very reasonably priced and the quality is fantastic. This was my first order with Antenocitis and I think I shall be purchasing from them again......already have my eye on the police interceptor haha.

So that wasn't the best of reviews but I hope it helps out any of you who are sitting on the fence.