Sunday 28 December 2014

Belated Seasons Greatings

Afternoon guys,

Been a fair while since I last updated, to finish off what has been an already shite year I lost my Nan towards the end of November.

I haven't been much in the mood or mindset for the hobby since then combine that with the joy of working in retail at christmas time and my free time has taken a heavy blow.

I'm coming more around to wanting to return to working on some bits now the fact I got the 3rd edition Infinity Rule book plus the Deadzone zombie expansion bundle for christmas is giving me a bit of a kick of motivation.

Another thing that has given me a kick and is also the point of this post is the altogether awesome Christmas present I was sent by none other than my foul Danish Friend Rasmus ( he has recently started a blog so please go and check it out: paintandprocrastination). This year we agreed on exchanging gifts with me sending him an assortment of models plus some gaming mats.

In a cunningly thought our parcel box came the below all laid out on a deadzone mat:

Thats right he scratch built me an entire batch of Infinity terrain based off some he had already made for himself. My jaw hit the floor when I opened it, if I combine this with the stuff I already have scratch built plus my horde of deadzone terrain I think I happily have enough for a 4'x4' table.

To top it off he also sent me 2 knights of saint diago which are currently being built.

I hope to get back into the swing of posting come the new year, so I shall sign off now on the terrible year 2014 has been for me in real life and hope that 2015 brings something positive.

All the best to all of you who manage to read my babble and have a happy new year