Saturday, 26 February 2011

Tablet sketch this time of Harley Quinn

Afternoon readers I strike again :P

Been messing around with the tablet more, this time knocking together a sketch of Harley Quinn from Batman:


rough around the edges again but it is more for practice than anything :) , feeling like I'm improving with the tablet :)

Now I think I will look into setting up a Deviantart account

As ever any comments are more than welcome :)

Harley Quinn is of course copyright of DC comics

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Tablet sketch

Afternoon readers, I have threatened it for the past few updates and today the time has come to put up one of the sketches I've done with the tablet :)


It's Doctor Doom, Dormammu and X-23. "Why such a random mix of characters" I hear you cry. Well I got marvel vs Capcom 3 a few days back and these guys are my team of choice. Doom and Dormammu have some good ranged attacks and X-23 is really really quick so it made for a good mix :P

Plus it was an opportunity to Draw Dr Doom and seen as he is my favourite Marvel character I could hardly turn it down now could I :P

I'm quite happy with this sketch of course there are some mistakes in it, but over the past few weeks I've been trying to evolve my heavily anime/manga style to something a bit more realistic and more in line with the art of DC and Marvel.
By far the easiest way to do this has been to Draw the eyes in a more realistic shape and also change how I draw noses. I will continue to try and improve my style hopefully to something I will be fully happy with :)
I've found that drawing this has been more rewarding than painting up some models, whether thats because I have no mojo or that I have finally come to the point where I want to step out of the modelling hobby I don't know :)

That means you might have to put up with more of these updates :P

As ever feel free to let me know what you think :)

Of course Dr. Doom, Dormammu and X-23 are all copyright of Marvel

Thursday, 17 February 2011

WiP Armour

Morning Readers :)

Thought I would throw up a small update. Its been my Birthday this week so has been quite on the hobby front as I have been distracted with my new tablet and trying to get my head around GIMP which is quite a complicated program I must say :(

How ever I thought I would share some WiP pics of some armour I'm working on, first up is a wolverine light mech for SoTR:



I got this model quite a while back and had left it just undercoated as got distracted from my WWW2 stuff. However I recently got it back out as I fancied trying to improve my weathering and chipping. Still need to paint its arms and so metallics but I'm pretty happy with how its going so far :)

Next up is a WiP Leman Russ for my IG, again this kit has been lying around for a while after I brought it from hobbycraft (gotta love money off vouchers :p ) with me now working on IG again I thought I would build it.

Of course I wanted to try convert it and after browsing Warseer came across the inspirational imperial guard log of Le Mediko I thought I would try and convert the tracks on my leman russ much like how he does his:



of course I have also done some other bits of converting, mainly on the frontal armour by pinching some Ideas from FW kits :). You may wonder why I have used a lot of GS on the front and it really boils down to me being far more comfortable working with it than Plastic card.

Though I will need to try and improve my plastic card skills at some point :(

Also welcome to some new followers, Target and DaddyBrown73 thanks for the support guys

Well thats it for now, might have another update in a few days time. Might even put up my initial experiments with the tablet too :D

As ever comments and suggestions are more than welcome :)

Sunday, 13 February 2011

I return from the Warp

*Cleans Dust off Blog*

Wow it’s been nearly 3 months since I updated this blog that’s well terrible……..

Sorry about that, but with Christmas and New Year I sort of got distracted. But I’m back now so hopefully I can get this blog back to being updated more regularly again :)

Right first off the Wracks Tutorial is nearly finished (better late than never I guess :P) and will be up soon :)

Secondly I’d like to welcome some new followers, so Hi to Joao Mota, spacejacker and Ludo Weyden cheers for the support guys :)

So now to some pictures, though I slowed down over the Christmas period in recent weeks I have been quite productive so heres a rather large selection of bits and pieces:

First up a squad of Dark eldar Warriors:





I really enjoyed these guys and the agoniser gave me a chance to try out an energy effect which I was pretty damn happy with in the end. On the downside I quickly lost interest in the DE so this squad and a raider I have half painted are likely to be all I do for them bar a few characters L

Next is the first full squad of my updated and true/up scaled Word Bearers:





These guys took an age to convert and there are some areas that I’m not to happy with but over all I think they have turned out quite well. I’m currently converting the next squad but will be taking a break from them as there is only so much filing down of plasticard that I can take haha

Next is a unit of Scouts for my FoW SS:


Nothing special here just fancied a change from painting 40k and also a chance to test out some tufts of static grass which I had picked up

And finally that brings us up to date, my current project is the updating of my Imperial Guard force: The 13th Karkon Grenadiers. It mainly involves some new heads ( the awesome Pig Iron Colony militia covered helmets and HQ heads) as well as some new camo and highlights.

So far I have finished a single squad of Guardsmen:



I have also converted a platoon commander from a metal Cadian officer. The model was used as a traitor guard captain in the past so I have had to re sculpt the Aquila on his chest, he needs his camo updating and highlights too;


The IG will be my project for a while (well until I get distracted: P ) but there may be some BFG, Mordheim and some other random models popping up in here in the near future :)

Also I’m beginning to move my hobby focus a bit more towards drawing, as GW stuff especially is getting too expensive for me now that’s why most my projects are updating my old armies L . I will be getting a new graphics tablet for my birthday so expect to see the odd bit of artwork pop up in here too :)

Well that’s it for this update, as ever any comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

I’ll try not leave it so long between updates now :P