Thursday 17 February 2011

WiP Armour

Morning Readers :)

Thought I would throw up a small update. Its been my Birthday this week so has been quite on the hobby front as I have been distracted with my new tablet and trying to get my head around GIMP which is quite a complicated program I must say :(

How ever I thought I would share some WiP pics of some armour I'm working on, first up is a wolverine light mech for SoTR:



I got this model quite a while back and had left it just undercoated as got distracted from my WWW2 stuff. However I recently got it back out as I fancied trying to improve my weathering and chipping. Still need to paint its arms and so metallics but I'm pretty happy with how its going so far :)

Next up is a WiP Leman Russ for my IG, again this kit has been lying around for a while after I brought it from hobbycraft (gotta love money off vouchers :p ) with me now working on IG again I thought I would build it.

Of course I wanted to try convert it and after browsing Warseer came across the inspirational imperial guard log of Le Mediko I thought I would try and convert the tracks on my leman russ much like how he does his:



of course I have also done some other bits of converting, mainly on the frontal armour by pinching some Ideas from FW kits :). You may wonder why I have used a lot of GS on the front and it really boils down to me being far more comfortable working with it than Plastic card.

Though I will need to try and improve my plastic card skills at some point :(

Also welcome to some new followers, Target and DaddyBrown73 thanks for the support guys

Well thats it for now, might have another update in a few days time. Might even put up my initial experiments with the tablet too :D

As ever comments and suggestions are more than welcome :)


  1. Happy Belated Birthday first off.
    Second, that camo scheme on the wolverine looks awesome! The paint chip effect is really believable.

    Also, I really dig you chopped Russ. I'm looking forward to seeing more progess on that!

  2. Cheers sir :)

    I think the Wolverine has come out quite good so far, I was tempted to put a bit of metal in the center of a few of the chips. But I think it could distract from the rest of the model a bit