Sunday, 26 July 2015

Stormcast Eternal

Evening guys and girls, apologies for my absence the past weeks had a few things on my plate in real life.

So today sees me entering rocky territory, never in all my years in this hobby have I seen the level of sheer hatred and venom online that the Age of Sigmar release has caused. I watched it from a distance having only a passing interest in fantasy, I figured I would wait and see how it turned out.

Having read a lot of the fluff I must say I don't mind it, certainly a blank canvas to work with and has actually captured my imagination. Its been a long time since GW did that for me, its been more the territory of Mantic and Corvus Belli over recent years.

Now at the FW open day I had a good look at the models and really liked them, the stormcast eternals heavily remind me of the Angels from the Darksiders series of games (HERE) I  loved the art style of that series.

Now one of my normal partners in crime appeared at this point. Nife wanted the chaos models to paint so it was agreed that we would split a starter set. As it turns out we have both bought a starter set............

This has been really fun to work on, I've never painted a model virtually entirely in metallic. I have tried to go a bit darker and grittier on these instead of the ultra bright gold of the GW studio ones. A nice turquoise for colour and we are all good.

I've added some broken arrows, blood and cut some damage into the shield again to help with the more gritty aspect.

I will be working gradually on the sigmar side of the starter over the coming months, will use them as  a test bed for some techniques I want to try.

However I am off to Scotland tomorrow for the wedding of a very good friend of mine High Marshal Dave, so will be a week or so before any more painting progress will be made. Until then feel free to let me know what you think :)

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Mars Attacks: Martian Grunts

Evening guys,

Normal update time, must admit that again this week I haven't actually got too much done. With the weather being nicer its not really the time to stay indoors painting haha.

I have however managed  to finish off 10 martian grunts, this takes me to 15 out of the 20 in the boxed game completed now:

they don't look the greatest in close ups but I'm really happy with them considering they are effectively board game pieces.

All I'm left with to paint from the core boxed game now is 5 martians, 5 US marines and about 5 human heroes.......... tantalizingly close.

I've been doing a little sculpting over the past week too, one thing I've worked on will be the subject of next weeks post so I won't show it. The other is the start of an infinity conversion:

This is the WiP of a G:Synched Order Sergeant and her Aux bot.

The conversion is based on an Auxilia model, I have started adding the details to tie her to my existing order sarges the tabard is just the core I will build upon.

Because this is one of the earlier infinity models her rifle was ridiculously oversized so I have hacked it right down and intend to resculpt it to be more inline with the other Order Sarges. This should prove quite a nice little challenge.

In other infinity news I'm trying to paint the last model from the Military orders Sectorial starter box over the next week or 2, again this will mark a big milestone of me actually finishing a full boxset.

Anyway thats it for now, I'll be back next week for the normal update

Monday, 6 July 2015

Deadzone terrain WiP

Evening guys and girls,

I'm a bit behind updating wise, been busy the last couple of weekends with a meet up with Rictus and Nife and then the Forgeworld Open day yesterday.

Speaking of the last meet up we got some games of deadzone terrain and after seeing the stuff Nife had built it gave me a bit of a kick up the arse. So I have been painting the test building I made a while back:

Now theres still a lot to do on it but I think it works rather well, and luckily for me the areas that I filled are quite hard to spot.

Thats pretty much all the hobbying I have done these past few weeks, well bar some Martians but they will likely show up on Sundays post.

I'm likely to do a bit more worth on my Tau soon for the first time in at least a year. Main kick for this was seeing this at the open day yesterday:

Now its quite rare for me to see a model and think "Must have that", but that battlesuit is a thing of beauty. Dependent on how much FW are charging for it I will likely add one as the final model for the Tau.

Oh yeah may have actually bought a few bits for the Word Bearers too.............