Sunday, 27 January 2013

Does this look infected

Afternoon readers update time again.

Been working on 2 test models to try out some skin  tones for the Strain:

This one is meant to be a more freshly mutated example so has a slighlty more aliveish skin tone, the pictures have kinda washed out the skin, he looks a lot better in the flesh :(

This one is mean to be a corpse that has been mutated by the strain nano virus so I have gone for a more greyish skin tone on him.

Both of these guys were done largely with a mix of washes, glazes and dry brushing over a white basecoat. The models themselves are brilliant loads of little details and plenty of opportunity for gore :D

Me being me I have already begun a sculpting based conversion:

This is a very WIP Samaritan who has fallen prey to the virus and mutated into a monstrosity, gone for segments of his armour still remaining, most of which is cracked by the mutating effect bulking him up.

I have plans for a Strain version of the female samaritan trooper sculpt too, though I have cheated slighly on that and have taken a push mold of her head and part of her torso armour that I can then work around :)

Theres plenty of sources I have been drawing inspiration from for these guys, Movies such as The Thing and the videos game enemies such as Husks from mass effect, Necromorph from Deadspace and of course the Flood from Halo.

Thats it for now guys, hopefully more updates will follow during the week.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

WiP: White Scar commander Part 2

Evening readers,

Another quick update time of day, I figured seen as I want to post on here more often I might as well do more WiP posts charting progress on the bits I'm working on. So here is how the White Scars Praetor is shaping up:

Most recent bit of work I have done is the power weapon blade which I did only last night, really chuffed with how it came out. I've also added some thinned down badab black washes to the recesses of his armour as suggested by a few of you.

All in all not to much more do on him, infact I'm going to begin building the first 5 Legionnaires to go with him :)

In other news look what I came back from work to:

Was only a day late after UPS claimed it was too dangerous to deliver it, I swear a few inches of snow and this country falls apart. I've had a quick look throgh it and i'm impressed great casts with only a some minimal mold lines to remove. Me being me I already have a few conversion ideas in mind for the load of extra models I got from backing it at the biohazard level.

Expect a few Sedition wars themed updates over the weekend as I will likely get a test model or 2 done :)

Sunday, 20 January 2013

WiP white scar and ramblings

Afternoon readers, its been a few weeks since my last update and I must say I haven't really managed to accomplish much on the hobby front :| I personally blame work, Borderlands 2 and me much prefering to read to actually siting and hobbying of late.

However to appease that master of nagging known only as Rictus, i thought I would put up a WiP of my latest Horus Heresy themed model. I've abandoned the idea of doing the imperial fists, the yellow just takes too long and well bores me due t the many many layers you have to put down.

So given I dont want to do another red powerarmour force which rule sout Blood angels, the only siege of terra legion left is the white scars:

This guy has been rather fun, some GS work was done t add the legion symbol to the kneed pad and gauntlet as well as giving him a fur cloak the bottome half of which is taken from a spacewolf. Theres still a fair amount of work to be done on him but hes shaping up quite well.

Next up is a little more progress on the Inq28mm front, i've managed to do a little more sculpting work on the gene enhanced guardsman:

With Inq28mm I find that inspiration will suddenly hit but without it I do struggle for ideas, I'm not the best at thinking up the whole grim dark themes of 40k instead I draw alot of inspiration from comics, games and movies. Hell even music, the black metal music that I like is usually good for Chaotic inspiration.

My most recent purchases of the Borderlands 2 and Darksiders 2 artbooks have given me some ideas, in the case of borderlands the concept art for the varied types of bandits has filled me with ideas for necromunda or cultists. And the darksiders one has given me an idea for a archo flagellent/combat servitor.

Anyway thats enough of my rambling for now, I'll be back with an update during the week as my copy of sedition wars will be arriving tomorrow unless the tracking number lies........

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy new year

Happy new year guys, hope you all had a good christmas too! My holiday period has been rather busy given I've only had Christmas day and now today off work which has sucked tbh.

I'm still working on my new years resolutions however I think my hobby ones will largely be:

  • Paint more
  • Post up on here more 
  • Have a major sort out and cull of excess models
  • Try game more

As to how many of these I will stick too is yet to be seen :P

Anyway here is a sneak peak of the few bits I actually worked on over christmas, both of which are inq28mm models as I finally had some inspiration hit me:

This guy is converted from the plastic nurgle lord, I have had him sitting around since 2011 and only now have figured out what to do with him :| , he will be soem sort of gene altered former guardsman in the service of the inquisitor. had to give him a massive drum assault shotgun too just because it seemed cool. He is still very WiP.

This is a reworking of an earlier attempt to use the plastic Dark elf sorceress, shee will have duel pistols. The body suit I gave her is largely inspired by the siren from Borderlands 2 the pistols will be converted from dark elf corsair crossbows.

Sadly theres been no painting over the christmas period as I generally havent had the tme to sit for prolonged periods putting down layers of yellow on the imperial fists :(

Well thats it for now I'll be back with another update before too long :) enjoy whats left of the holiday season