Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Tale of Painters Blog Network and Marine Captain update

Evening guys,

Thought I would put up a quick post just to promote a Blogging group that Stahly kindly invited me to join.

The blogging group in question is the "Tale of Painters Blog network", a rather cool site set up by Stahly with contributions from Sigur and Garfy all of which are well known on the hobby forum scene.

They aim to promote the work on other blogs, provide a nice selection of tutorials as well as their own inspirational work on their own armies. Well worth a look :)

And seen as I'm here, heres a small update to show some progress on Centurion Vorenus:

Added the cloak and fur pelt now. He basically needs some finishing touches such as some clasps holding the cloak in place and toes added to his right foot. I wasn't to sure on the back banner to start with as I thought it might look a little OTT but it has grown on me somewhat.

All thats left to do now is the shield. I've got a torso built ready for the GS work to begin on the Chaplain....................;)

In other news in my way of forever boncing between projects I have dusted off the Slaaneshi Mordheim warband, might be time to continue with it :P

Friday, 25 November 2011

I'm back

Been a month or 2 since my last post, been having a break from hobbying for most of that period only occasionally working on the odd thing.

Largely been distracted with Xbox Games mainly Arkham City and Battlefield 3. But I've also gotten back into reading and have worked my way through a decent number of books mainly David Gemmels Drenai novels.

So onwards to why I'm posting I've been working on some stuff again:

First up WiP of Centurion Vorenus, commander of the 3rd company of the Steel Praetorians:

Size comparison to a normal marine:

Been working on this guy slowly for the past week, ever since receiving the Sicarius head from Rasmus (many thanks sir :) ). I was originally thinking of getting the fron plates from some Sang guard torsos for the whole muscle look then figured it would be less hassle to just sculpt it.

He still needs a cloak adding as well as a Roman style storm shield making. Game wise he will count as having a relic blade and storm shield.

Next up we have 2 armatures:

Both in the early stages, I've decided I want to push my scratch sculpt skills and try to improve. I have come up with a potential project to use for  practise but I shall keep that secret for now ;)

Well thats it for this update, posts will likely become more sporadic as I'm just taking hobby stuff at a steady pace to maintain my interest in it.

As ever any comments or suggestions are more than welcome :)