Sunday, 27 September 2015

Frostgrave: Great Worm

Evening guys and girls,

Another late update from me, been working on some more bits for Frostgrave. This time its some of the monsters from the random encounters table.

I've had my eye on some Reaper Bones miniatures for a while mainly to see what the quality is like, I took the plunge and ordered a great worm, hell hound and some spiders(not in this update). I've been really impressed with the quality of the models especially for such a low price point.

Needless to say I've been painting up the great worm:

Compared to a Frostgrave necromancer and one of my converted Perry foot knights

still a little work to do on him, the matte varnish has dried a little glossy for some reason but I think it helps with the effect.

I also have an Old Gamezone vampire on the painting table:

I've had this model lying around for at least 4 years, good to finally use it. Background wise it will represent a vampiric noble woman who was frozen during the cities fall. A lot of work to do on her.

After the vampire I plan to paint up 2 demons:

Both of these are reaper minis, the hound being a bones one and the other metal. I really love the flame elemental its a great sculpt.

I have also made a lot of progress on some Deadzone terrain and have even finished painting my cypher prime. Will pop those up during the week.

As ever thanks for looking :)

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Frostgrave: The Beginning

Evening guys and girls,

Another late update but as is becoming more common these days I've been rather busy. The promised stormcast still aren't quite finished either...

Anyway yet again my hobby time has been spent on a bit of sculpting and gathering scenary for Frostgrave. Now given you can play it on a 2' x 2' board I shouldn't need to acquire too much, I'll be recycling some old LOTR ruins I still have and have also won a few lots on eBay for some rather nice terrain.

I have also purchased a piece of prepainted terrain from an eBay seller who has quite a range of stuff designed for Frostgrave take a look here.

The below is from the same seller I have just added snow and the bits of greenery to it:

Now Frostgrave is really letting me flex an idea of mine from years ago, during a time when I was toying with trying to write a fantasy type novel I came up with a sort of necromantic Empire type faction. Not straight up evil but not good sort of anti hero types.

Now they of course had both living and undead troops, with the elite praetorian types becoming wights after death to continue service. So my first warband is a necromancer and minions who will represent an emissary and his entourage investigating the ancient ruins.

Here are the first few:

This guy will be a templar.

A Thug, this guy is meant to represent a skirmisher so isn't as heavily armoured as the others. Fits with the Thug profile from the book too.

WiP Man at arms and crossbowman

These have been fun to work on, they are based on a range of kits we have  Perry Foot knights, Fireforge Teutonic Infantry and some arms and weapons from the Northstar Frostgrave soldier sprue. Been quite a change working on truescale 28mm models.

Anyway thats it for now, I shall return next week with fingers crossed the stormcast...............