Sunday 13 September 2015

Frostgrave: The Beginning

Evening guys and girls,

Another late update but as is becoming more common these days I've been rather busy. The promised stormcast still aren't quite finished either...

Anyway yet again my hobby time has been spent on a bit of sculpting and gathering scenary for Frostgrave. Now given you can play it on a 2' x 2' board I shouldn't need to acquire too much, I'll be recycling some old LOTR ruins I still have and have also won a few lots on eBay for some rather nice terrain.

I have also purchased a piece of prepainted terrain from an eBay seller who has quite a range of stuff designed for Frostgrave take a look here.

The below is from the same seller I have just added snow and the bits of greenery to it:

Now Frostgrave is really letting me flex an idea of mine from years ago, during a time when I was toying with trying to write a fantasy type novel I came up with a sort of necromantic Empire type faction. Not straight up evil but not good sort of anti hero types.

Now they of course had both living and undead troops, with the elite praetorian types becoming wights after death to continue service. So my first warband is a necromancer and minions who will represent an emissary and his entourage investigating the ancient ruins.

Here are the first few:

This guy will be a templar.

A Thug, this guy is meant to represent a skirmisher so isn't as heavily armoured as the others. Fits with the Thug profile from the book too.

WiP Man at arms and crossbowman

These have been fun to work on, they are based on a range of kits we have  Perry Foot knights, Fireforge Teutonic Infantry and some arms and weapons from the Northstar Frostgrave soldier sprue. Been quite a change working on truescale 28mm models.

Anyway thats it for now, I shall return next week with fingers crossed the stormcast...............


  1. I'm actually awaiting my copy of Frostgrave along with the original Necromunda and Inquisitior books. For some reason my mind is set on small narrative gaming :) and it's not due to any AoS hate either, I'm well in there as well.

    I'll be keeping an eye out for what you do here even if I already own a 6*4 winter table.

    1. I've still got an original inquistor rule book from when it was released, could never quite get into it though. Think I saved the PDFs of the necromunda one before GW took them down off the site its a game i'd like to look into.

      I think smaller scale skirmish and more narrative driven stuff seems to be the way to go of late, far less time consuming both to paint and play than bigger armies. Plus lets you go to town more on each model.

      I've received a piece of terrain for frostgrave I won off eBay that i'll pop up in my next update :)

  2. Seriously mate. Your Greenstuff-fu is strong! Amazing models. I've been spying Frostgrave around for the last little while. Will have to take a deeper look. Oh my poor project table.....

    1. Cheers sir, its well worth a look really nice little rule set and to me a good game for converters such as yourself.

      The rules for the wizards and minions are abstract enough to let you get away with pretty much anything.

      Go on add it yo the table ;)

  3. Looking good! The sculpting is top notch like always! Hurry up and get some more done ;)