Sunday, 16 October 2011

Malifaux: Rasputina

Evening readers, been a while since the last update.........2 weeks, I'm slacking.

Interest in models lately has vanished, I've been struggling to find the energy and inspiration to actually do much. Instead I've been reading a lot having burnt through 3 books and a graphic novel since the last update.

Don't know what to do about the lack of interest, maybe a break from the hobby is in order?

I have however managed to pretty much finish Rasputina for the Malifaux crew:

Pretty pleased with her, they are the best eyes I have managed to paint in ages sort of a fluke that I didn't mess up the pupils haha. These malifaux models are very enoyable to paint when I actually find the mojo to paint, might be because I'm taking my time on them but who knows.

I shall be trying to get the 3 little ice demons from the box painted over coming days, We'll see how well that goes.

The current lack of interest in models won't be helped by the fact that Batman: Arkham City is released at the end of the week so I shall be lost to the Xbox.

Welcome to new followers Christopher and The_Great_Gonzo cheers for the support guys :)

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Malifaux: Ice Golem

Afternoon readers, tis update time

Despite  being struck down with what I have dubbed "Nerd Flu" which I think I picked up from Gamesday (seen as out of the 4 guys I was with on the day 3 of them have also been ill :( ) I have been painting and have managed to get my first ever Malifaux model pretty much finished.

Onto the pictures of the Ice Golem:

To start with I wasn't to happy with him but he has grown on me. Decided to gloss varnish him in part to reinforce the ice aspect of him and also to protect him as I've never seen paint chip off any metal models I've had as easily as it was coming off this guy :(

 need to do a few touch ups and some washes in a few selece areas but he will look pretty much the same as he does now after haha. Next up painting wise will be Rasputina herself.

So should have an update in day or 2, hopefully I can shake off this accursed Flu/Cold/Virus soon