Monday 16 April 2012

I'm Still Alive

Well 2 months since my last post on here and in that time a lot has changed the biggest change being me finding full time employment at last. With this development modelling time has been severely limited as I have been settling into the job.

A few weeks back however I attended the FW open day along with Rictus and SchoolCormorant, great day in all and thanks to the bad influence of Rictus I ended up leaving with a contemptor pattern dreadnought. This is a model I've wanted to buy since it was released I just never could bring myself to spend so much on it.

Anyway past week or so I have been converting the contemptor into a chaos one to go alongside my Word Bearers, its a slow process but I'm getting there slowly:

Well thats it a rather short update I'll get more posted up as of when I finish it, need to get back to my FoW and zombie stuff too.

As ever let me kno wwhat you think :-)