Sunday 29 March 2015

Horus Heresy - Word Bearers #5

Evening Guys and girls,

As promised yesterday here is another update, this time Word bearers themed.

I'm progressing rather well with the first Tactical squad shouldnt be too much longer until they are finished. Here is how they currently stand:

These two are all but finished just need to do the final bits on their back packs and weather the shoulder pads.

Current state of the rest of the squad, as I said they are very near completion, one of the more time consuming jobs left to do will be the power weapon effect on the sarges sword.

In last weeks update I mentioned that I had placed a small order with Warlord games with the bulk of it going towards the word bearers. I ordered a single sprue of their plastic German Grenadiers as I wanted to test their scale:

To me they work perfectly to show the bulk and scale of a marine without having to resort to true scaling which from past experience rapidly burns me out.

I'm planning on doing a small detachment of traitor army to ally alongside the Word Bearers nothing huge but they will be used to break up painting massed of red power armour. With a few little conversions I think that the warlord plastics will be just the ticket.

What do you guys think?

Saturday 28 March 2015

Get my Armada off the ground

Evening guys and girls,

Bit of a bonus update for you today, a proper update will go up tomorrow as normal.

Yesterday I received Star Wars Armada, I'm still waiting on the fighter squadron expansions that I ordered at the same time however I thought a few of you would be interested in a few pics:

Its quite the monster of a box, though I think if you take out some of the card board fillers you would be able to fit most the current armada range into it.

Anyway onto pics, first up the Imperials:

Victory Class Star Destroyer, very nice model

Swarm of Tie Fighters

The Star Destroyer is fantastic and a lot bigger than I was expecting. For such small pieces the Tie fighters are very nice, will have to get around to painting them.

Next up the Rebels:

The rebel ships are again very nice though absolutely tiny compared to the victory class Star Destroyer, who knows how big the Imperial class Star Destroyer will be when they release it.

The X-wings are even more impressive than the tie fighters level of detail wise.

Puny rebel scum

I've had a skim through the rules and it looks like a very fun and tactical little game, I'm going to have to learn them all and then give the game a spin at the next meet up....

Well thats it for now guys, I'll be back tomorrow with some word bearers :)

Sunday 22 March 2015

Assorted projects

Evening guys and girls,

only a small update for you again this week, work is killing me at the moment I get home and normally hit a comatose state or just want to chill and watch TV.

I have managed to get a bit more done on the word bearers but I will save that for the next update. Today is more a batch of random odds and ends I've been working on:

Next batch of bits for Dungeon saga, I picked up the Dark elf from hasslefree as I love the sculpt, he will run duel duty as a hero or villain.

With the latest Deadzone kickstarter now running I have been doing the odd bit of work on my Plague:

The guy on the left needs a lot more work doing on him, the one on the right is nearing completion sculpting wise 

I recently put in a small order with Warlord games for some bits to put towards the word bearers (more on this in the next update) at the same time I took the opportunity to pick up a single model from the Beyond the Gates of Antares range:

This guy is an Algoryn AI trooper,, hes a very nice sculpt will be a one off for now but may have to look back into the range at a later date. I hope to get him painted up soon.

In none hobby news, after being recommended them by Grizz a stupid amount of time ago I finally picked up the first 2 volumes of Lazarus

Really good little comic this, can whole heartedly recommend it, I think Volume 3 is out at the end of the month too.....

Well thats it for this week, I hope to have something a bit more constructive to show next week.

Sunday 15 March 2015

Horus Heresy - Word Bearers 4#

Evening guys and girls,

only a small update for you tonight I'm afraid. I've been sorting out the next bits and pieces to paint after the current tactical squad. These are part of the little 500pt list I have put together.

First up we have a Contemptor:

I have had this guy in pieces since the contemptor dread was first released, thats how bad I am with actually working on things.............

Next up an apothecary:

Also in the past week I received a win from eBay, a set of Cataphractii termies:

They came with a reaper auto cannon, thunder hammer and combi plasma as well as the standard combi bolters and power axes. All in all a fairly good win.

Well thats it for this very small update. I will have a painting update next week :)

Sunday 8 March 2015

Horus Heresy: Word Bearers #3

Evening guys and girls,

Theres been a slight gap between updates, I blame this solely on work sucking all my energy and life out of me.

Anyway I have some progress to show on the word bearers, I now have 5 up to a fairly decent standard:

I must say I am really enjoying working on these guys, their armour is largely finished I just need to finish off some bits of weathering and pick out other details. Its also go to have been the first time in 5 years that I have painted a word bearers legion symbol. I'm not as rusty as I thought I would be haha.

I have also been trying to paint some of the astrological symbols that are on a lot of the FW word bearers bits onto their shoulder pads. They are quite crude but I rather like how they look.

In other news I had a parcel arrive this week, it contained the below sacred text:

I am still working my way through it but must say it is hugely inspirational. Theres a fair few techniques I want to give a spin from the book. So I shall be returning to infinity whilst working on the word bearers at the same time.

Theres a few bits I want to try on my Plague for deadzone too.

Anyway thats it for now guys, I may well have a more terrain inspired update mid week :)