Sunday, 27 July 2014

Infinity: WiP terrain #2

Evening guys, update time again.

Theres still quite a heat wave going on at the moment so my interest in painting has still been rather low. Instead I have carried on working on the terrain.

The next meet up is edging ever closer with it being just 2 weeks away, I hope to get the buildings into a playable condition as well as getting at least basecoats done on the rest of the infinity stuff I will be taking along.

So here is progress on the builidngs:

And a brand new one I've knocked up after being inspired by THIS new release from Customeeple:

Had to be a kebab stand, named in honour of one in Wolverhampton to boot.

And a few bits of scatter terrain:

On the right we have one of microart studios fantastic holoboard adverts, The statue on the left is actually a model I have had for years and years it was the pilot from a Gundam kit I had as a kid, finally found a use for it after so long haha.

In other infinity News they have finally revealed the contents of the 2 player starter set Operation Icestorm. Needless to say I'm sold and will be putting one on preorder rather soon. This actually has kept me from pledging for Zombicide, which in all honesty I'm grateful for as Nife has all the other seasons and has gone in for season 3 so would have been pointless me having it too.

Well thats it for now guys hopefully it will cool down temperature wise so I can crack on with a little more painting.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Infinity: WiP Terrain #1

Well its that time of week again.

This week I bring you something completely new for me and out of my comfort zone, that being terrain building..

It's been rather warm around here the past week which normally knocks my painting mojo right away. So instead of painting I have been dabbling in terrain.

With the next meet up of Me, Nife and Rictus rapidly approaching and with it this time being held at Nifes we will be playing a variety of None GW stuff and most notably will be giving both Deadzone and Infinity a spin.

Given both these games function well with a decent amount of terrain on the go I figured I would try knock some bits up to take with me.

My initial experiments are all basic things built around parcel boxes and the like. I know some within the Infinty community convert their buildings to have fully playable interiors but that is rather beyond my limited skills:

Large building very basic work done at the moment

Slightly smaller building

Hexagon tiles are the mark of the future apparently :P

The box on top will eventually be an upper level, nice way of recycling boxes from Infinity sets.

Finally we have a little more work done on the building I'm working on that is made from Deadzone tiles:

Now I'm not going to win any terrain making prizes anytime soon as theses are well rather crude, but I'm rather chuffed with them as it has been a complete new learning curve. I might make 1 of 2 more and then wait and see what terrain is included in the rumored Infinity starter set.

Well thats all for now folks, might have something during the week if it cools down any.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Zombicide: WiP Zombies

Evening guys,

Normal update time again, oh how the weeks fly past.

I have something new this weekend as a change to my heavily Infinity themed posts of late. This time its something of a more shambling nature that being some zombicide zombies.

Now Zombicide is a popular game at mine, Nifes and Rictus' normal meet ups so much so that I decided to buy a couple of bozes of the zombie models just to paint. They are very very nice sculpts and in my opinion the best zombie models on the market.

At the minute I have only Toxic an dBezerker zombies, though intend to get a box of standard walkers too. Nife is even twisting my arm to try and get me to pledge towards Zombicide Season 3.................

Anyway onto models, the first 3 are pretty much finished:

I'm going for quite basic paint jobs on these guys mainly because they are cannon fodder in game. I am also going for a tongue in cheek approach hence the one fatty being converted to be cosplaying a star trek character. Undead convention goers will provide some inspirations to a few future zombies.

The next batch are all still in various states of progress:

Bezerker Zombies

They have been rather fun going from the pus and goo of the toxic zombies to the hardened skin type armour of the bezerkers. I think I shall be mixing small batches of these in between Infinity models.

Well thats it for now guys, I have 2 order Sergeants very near completion so expect to see those soon.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Infinity: Converted Order Sergeant Hacker

Evening guys,

time for the usual Sunday update, this time it is another infinity based one.

I have been working on a conversion for an order Sergeant hacker as currently there isn't an official model for it. So after looking through the Infinity range I decided that a Kamau would make the ideal basis for my conversion. This is because a lot of the armour details are the same as the order srts that I already have.

Add in a few nights work and some GS and I ended up with this:

Needs a little tidying up but I am very happy with how she has turned out. She is now added ot my infinity painting Queue so will be a while until you see her fully painted up.

Well thats it for this short update, I should have something of a more shambling nature mid week hopefully......

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

WiP: The Morbid Saint #2

An update? midweek? What is this madness........

Figured that given I missed one the other week I would make up for it now. And what better to show than some progress on the Nurgle Daemon prince. Here he is so far:

He is getting closer and closer to completion, just need to sort out a right arm for him. The biggest decision to make though is whether to give him wings.

Now bare in mind that this guy is a gift for Rictus and upon asking him if he wanted wings he said it was up to me, now as I like to pass responsibility on what do you guys think? wings or no wings?

And on a side note I have taken a brave step into something rather new for me, terrain:

I have had a set of Deadzone terrain knocking around for a few months now, so figured I'd best get cracking on it.  It will be running dual use between both Deadzone and Infinity though it will be drawing most of its inspiration from the infinity side of things.

Still very much a work in progress but I plan to actually scratch build a few buildings out of Foamcard which should be quite a learning curve.

Well thats it for now, will be back on Sunday with more infinity bits and pieces