Sunday 13 July 2014

Zombicide: WiP Zombies

Evening guys,

Normal update time again, oh how the weeks fly past.

I have something new this weekend as a change to my heavily Infinity themed posts of late. This time its something of a more shambling nature that being some zombicide zombies.

Now Zombicide is a popular game at mine, Nifes and Rictus' normal meet ups so much so that I decided to buy a couple of bozes of the zombie models just to paint. They are very very nice sculpts and in my opinion the best zombie models on the market.

At the minute I have only Toxic an dBezerker zombies, though intend to get a box of standard walkers too. Nife is even twisting my arm to try and get me to pledge towards Zombicide Season 3.................

Anyway onto models, the first 3 are pretty much finished:

I'm going for quite basic paint jobs on these guys mainly because they are cannon fodder in game. I am also going for a tongue in cheek approach hence the one fatty being converted to be cosplaying a star trek character. Undead convention goers will provide some inspirations to a few future zombies.

The next batch are all still in various states of progress:

Bezerker Zombies

They have been rather fun going from the pus and goo of the toxic zombies to the hardened skin type armour of the bezerkers. I think I shall be mixing small batches of these in between Infinity models.

Well thats it for now guys, I have 2 order Sergeants very near completion so expect to see those soon.


  1. Hmmm, something about these doesn't sit right with me. Not sure if its the cartoonish paint jobs as opposed to your usual more gritty stuff or its the the pretty disgusting and twisted models bit they're kind of off putting. I shall reserve final judgement til I see more. Chop chop.

    1. Ah you see the paint jobs are deliberately cartoonish Herr Dave as the game has a more comic book vibe going for it makes for a nice change to gritty plus is a damn sight quicker :P

    2. Hmmmm, as I said I'll reserve judgement until I see moar

  2. I am not twisting your arm at all, just whispering some gentle encouragement in your ear, after all, it is a very nice little set they are offering... ;)

    Fun looking little paint jobs as well, almost tempts me to paint mine.

    1. You should paint yours, I endorse this decision :P

      They are actually really fun to paint. There is enough detail to go to town on them if you really want to but given how many zombies get gunned or chopped down per turn in zombicide I don't think high end paint jobs are worth it.