Thursday 26 February 2015

Horus Heresy: Word Bearers #2

Evening guys,

It appears these mid week updates are becoming a regular thing, scary isnt it haha.

Anyway this is a small update more to show where I'm at with the test word bearer and to get some of your thoughts on the red so far:

I've taken the advice from comments on the last post and glazed him a few times with the base coat colour, Army Painter Chaotic red. This is a very dark browny red and I must say I am very happy with how he has come out.

I still need to do some weathering on him with a sponge and finish off a fair few bits but I think this is how the red for the army will look.

Here he is next to a marine with the base bright red on just so you can see how much darker he is:

Well thats it for this quick little update, I'll be back over the weekend :)

Sunday 22 February 2015

Deadzone: WiP Asterians

Evening Guys and Girls,

Normal update time, this time based on Deadzone.

I've been slowly working my way through the Asterian launch bundle I bought and I'm getting closer and closer to having the faction starter box painted up. Heres a few pics of the guys that are very nearly finished:

They are all very nearly finished, needing the odd touch up and in the case of the 2 of them they need their arms and guns sorting.

Also as proof I'm working on them heres a few very WiP pics of the first word bearers squad:

The red has come out rather blood angels looking to me so I will be toning it down with some dark red glazes I think.

What do you guys think?

Well thats it for now, I'll be back later in the week :)

Thursday 19 February 2015

Mhara Gal

Evening guys and girls,

Very small update for you all tonight. The Mhara Gal that I ordered at the Horus Heresy weekender arrived earlier in the week, its an absolutely stunning model.

I thought I would take a few pictures of some of the parts as I haven't seen many pics of it online:

I'm certainly looking forward to painting it up, however I think I will be keeping it as a reward for finishing a chunk of other Word Bearers bits. Hopefully the pictures will be useful to any of you guys on the fence about possibly picking one up.

And now its time for a shout out:

The most recent addition to the Irregulars, none other than the Bearded Scotsman Grizz has finally started a blog:

now Grizz needs plenty of nagging to keep up his interest in hobbying so feel free to hassle him. He does rather enjoy playing X-wing so I'm sure we could all badger him into writing about that too ;)

Well thats it for now guys, I'll be back for my normal weekend update :

Sunday 15 February 2015

Horus Heresy - Word Bearers #1

Well its update time again, and today also happens to be my birthday

Todays update is all about the start of my Word Bearers, given I've been off work the past week I've been getting the first 10 tac marines built:

I have a bit of an embracing Chaos theme with these guys, I've sculpted the odd bit of the chaos style banding onto their armour and mixed in the odd plastic chaos part. I don't want this to be too ott or I might as well just do a plastic army but it adds some character.

Traditional Word Bearer features such as parchment have been added along with a sprinkling of the forge world WB heads I picked up at the weekender.

I have a bit of a plan for these guys, well a plan formulated with Nife, we both plan on getting a small 500pt section of army painted up in time for the weekender next year. To that end I have whipped up the little table below to chart progress:

Me being organised is quite a shocking sight I must say. I will however be adopting this approach with Deadzone too to try and spur me on to get a strike team fully painted in time for our next meet up.

The word bearers above have now been sprayed up in a red basecoat so expect some progress on them in coming weeks

In my often infrequent Music recommendations I received these 2 albums for my Birthday and can happily recommend them:

I've waited a good few years for a new Keep of Kalessin album and this hasn't let me down, very progressive and experimental Black metal.

 Marduk are always consistent, this is a pretty solid album plus it has a song called nebelwerfer whats not to love ;)

Wednesday 11 February 2015

Horus Heresy Weekender Aftermath

Evening guys and girls, a little late getting this one out.

Last weekend was the horus heresy weekender and we took the opportunity to integrate it with one of our normal meet ups. Rictus and Nife were present as always and this time we were joined by Grizz the bearded Scotsman(he'll have a blog soon we have already started the nagging)

The highlight of the weekend was of course the heresy event itself, with the seminars being a good as ever, my personal favourite being the art one as I am rather artisitic at heart, plus Mark Bedford is always funny.

Me and Nife entered our models into the painting competition:

My entry in the cabinet

Nifes Entry in the cabinet

Neither of us won, the award going to a rather stunning Garviel Loken model with very impresive freehand details.

Sadly we couldn't really grab anyone to get a score so we called it a draw(It took the best part of an hour to find the person in charge of giving entries back..............) 

As ever I walked away with a box of loot, some was a reservation order the rest chosen on the day. I have the core of a small force purchased with the show only model and the new Possessed Contemptor on order.

The rest of the weekend saw us playing a few new games, most notably Mars attacks, Dread ball Xtreme and Grizz bought along X-Wing. 

X-wing went down really well, nice and simple basic rules that we picked up very quickly, never got chance to try the advanced rules. Mars Attacks was also fun, operating much like a simplified Deadzone with a lot of crazy event cards thrown in.

Well thats it for this quick update, I'll have something more constructive over the weekend I hope :)

Sunday 1 February 2015

Dungeon Saga: Goblin Chieftain

Evening Guys and Girls,

Its time for another update. As you might have noticed I've been having a play around with the layout of the blog and over all theme. I've gone for a nice futuristic vibe as it goes with the direction most of my projects are heading in these days.

Expect me to carry on playing around with it until I'm fully happy with it haha,

Anyway onto the actual update for the night, I've been painting away on the Goblin Chieftain for Dungeon saga and now bar the odd final bits he is done:

The pictures have washed out his skin a bit but over all im really happy with him, been quite a fun model to work on.

In other news my painting has now rotated back to Infinity, been spray undercoating quite a batch of models over the weekend including chunks of operation: icestorm and a few other assorted bits. I have also managed to get the base colours all blocked in on a neo terran bolt:

Also in a fit of inspiration I have done the combats on a test Nomad model:

Trying to do my own take on the studio colour scheme, I'm really pleased with it even if it is rather time consuming to do.

All this however has left me quite distracted from my Horus Heresy Weekender painting compo entry......................