Sunday 30 August 2015

Skaven: WiP Converted plague monks

Evening guys and girls,

Actually getting an update out on time this week, shocking isn't it.

I'm still quite "in the zone" sculpting wise of late so this update is again quite GS heavy. I have been converting a set of Skaven clanrats into plague monks for what was planned as a christmas gift for the diabolical Mr Feral...

He however has found out and I have blasted through nearly 5 of them already so figured I'd pop them up here:

I have really been enjoying these, the small scale of the skaven plus all the fabric work makes them quite quick to do. Hopefully they will encourage Feral to continue on with his rather great looking skaven as seen HERE.

In other news in my never ending quest of getting more games that will likely rarely be played I picked up this:

I have read an awful lot of positive things about the game online and for a tenner on amazon I think it was well worth the punt. After having a bit of a flick through it looks like a really nice little RPG skirmish game.

I'm planning to make 2 warbands, 1 will be a necromancer themed one and the other will be a chronomancer. More on these soon.........

I should have an update mid week with the first finished stormcast unit, as I type they only need last few finishing touches.


  1. The fabric on those plague monks are bril mate. If you're ever in the mood for another of those tips-with-GS posts like the one you did with the lich, I for one wouldn't mind seeing a bit about how you do fabric.
    It goes without saying that those are far, far superior to the GW plague ratties.

    Glad to see I got you properly tempted with the Red Box minis. ;)

  2. Really nice sculpting on those robes. Great stuff

  3. It'll be great when I can get my paintbrush around these blighters!

  4. Never been the biggest fan of skaven, but the GS work on the rats look great.
    I'm sure the Dannybot will be happy when he gets them.

  5. Hello ! Really Great Job ! What size of base do you use for the infantry models 25 or 32 ? The new aos plague monks package is 32 ?