Sunday 23 August 2015

Dungeon Saga: Converted Liche King

Afternoon guys and girls,

I've been kept busy in real life again so haven't had too much to show hobby wise. Today will hopefully change that as I have a real labour of love to show and even some process pics.

A while ago now Nife suggested that it may make an interesting post to show a stage by stage almost, break down of how I convert. Given I am still slowly working away on models to supplement what I'll be getting in the kickstarter I figured a dungeon saga model would make a good subject.

I decided to make a Liche King whose rules should hopefully be in the adventurers companion, he will be a boss type monster. The 2 wraiths I have shown before will sort of be his body guard who will spawn with him.

First up here is the near finished model:

He needs a few finishing touches and I plan on having a few spirits flowing off his base.

Here is how he started:

Given Liches are almost zombies just with full intelligence and magic power I figured a mantic zombie torso would be the best place to start.the one reaching out being ideal to show him casting a spell.

This movement influenced the flow of his robes and the like, after my experience making the wraiths I knew i'd be able to pull of the flowing robes, so a few sculpting sessions later I arrived at this:

With the lower body sorted from here it was just a case of adding the armour and other details to the torso, sadly I don't have any pics of that process :(

I have found these dungeon saga pieces to be a really good outlet for my creativity, I can go to town on stuff without having to worry about having to replicate it across an entire army. My next project for it after finishing fleshing out the additional undead choices will be some Twilight Kin(Dark Elves),

For these I plan on converting some plastic Perry miniatures foot knights with some GS additions, and if I feel brave scratch sculpted heads.....wish me luck :P


Right in my final shout out of this post and old friend of mine from back in my days of being Active on the Ammo Bunker and who was one of the ones to talk me into a blog has returned.

After 3 years of hiatus Foot_of_Adhesive_Tape has finally returned to blogging:

Feel free to go and hassle him :)


  1. looks cool. im looking forwards to see what dungeon saga has to bring to the table. but no doubt you bring something good here :)

  2. Thats a great conversion. I'd love to see more of your projects photographed step by step. I really helps people like me to see how you go about building up the GS on the model. Many thanks.

    1. Cheers sir glad you liked it, I'll try and do some more step by steps in future. I'll be working on a small Frostgrave warband so something may crop up there that I can do a post on :)

  3. Thanks for the shout out, but this means i have to keep at it now ; ;

    Looks great so far, i like the step by step pics. Got a question, do you start with the blob of GS then layer more on or use the original and sculpt into it?

    1. You best keep up the blogging Kiwi or the internets will be sad :O

      I created the core of the robe first as in the first pic, this was left to fully cure. The proper details and folds were then done over the top in sections. so the entire front was done in 1 sitting.

  4. Always interesting to see how you work with gs mate, good idea with the post.
    How'd you do the folds in the cloth? The finished model looks spot on, like it came in a blister. :-)
    Looking forward to seeing you do heads next!

    1. Cheers foul Dane ;)

      The folds are done with a size 0 taper point clay shaper. I try and do an entire section in one go, in the case of the liche it was the entire front section of the robe. It gives a more natural flow instead of doing it section by section :)