Tuesday 1 January 2013

Happy new year

Happy new year guys, hope you all had a good christmas too! My holiday period has been rather busy given I've only had Christmas day and now today off work which has sucked tbh.

I'm still working on my new years resolutions however I think my hobby ones will largely be:

  • Paint more
  • Post up on here more 
  • Have a major sort out and cull of excess models
  • Try game more

As to how many of these I will stick too is yet to be seen :P

Anyway here is a sneak peak of the few bits I actually worked on over christmas, both of which are inq28mm models as I finally had some inspiration hit me:

This guy is converted from the plastic nurgle lord, I have had him sitting around since 2011 and only now have figured out what to do with him :| , he will be soem sort of gene altered former guardsman in the service of the inquisitor. had to give him a massive drum assault shotgun too just because it seemed cool. He is still very WiP.

This is a reworking of an earlier attempt to use the plastic Dark elf sorceress, shee will have duel pistols. The body suit I gave her is largely inspired by the siren from Borderlands 2 the pistols will be converted from dark elf corsair crossbows.

Sadly theres been no painting over the christmas period as I generally havent had the tme to sit for prolonged periods putting down layers of yellow on the imperial fists :(

Well thats it for now I'll be back with another update before too long :) enjoy whats left of the holiday season


  1. Cool looking WIP so far look forward to more, Happy New Year!

  2. I ruddy love the work on the Nurgle Lord mate! I was just pondering today about which model I could use as the base for the Skitarii as described by Dan Abnett in Titanicus (gene-bulked, vat-grown muscle, implant teeth and furs/feathers/trophies) - this is perfect :)