Thursday 15 November 2012

Warhammer Quest stuff on the desk

Evening guys,

Quick update time. Thought I would share some of the Warhammer Quest bits I have started to work on:

First up a Dark Elf sorceress:

This is 1 of the Avatars of War models that I picked up when we visited Maelstrom Games/eye of the storm a few weeks back. it is a really nice sculpt (well most of Felix's sculpts are rather epic) the only thing that lets it down is the face...looks like a blow up doll haha

I'm rather happy with how the skin has come out on her, just a cast of finishing off the metallics now and then waiting for my box of dark elf corsairs to arrive to make her some friends........I ordered it 2 weeks ago damn you Wayland Games.

Next up is the heavily WiP Skaven Warlord:

This is the GD model from a year or 2 back, quest has given me the perfect excuse to paint up a few skaven. I've already picked up 10 stormvermin on sprue from eBay that I shall be building over the coming days and Rictus provided me with some Plague monks so I'm off to a good start.


  1. Is she going to get some pupils? Just at the moment she does still rather look like a blow up doll...

    Liking the Skaven a lot, he does have a very shiney weapon though.

  2. Looking good. whats wrong with the blowup doll look. Its a great look.

  3. Pupils and lessening the blacklining where the flesh meets the clothing will work wonders. :)