Saturday 1 December 2012

Red Corsairs: Finished Sorcerer Conversion

Evening guys,

Quick update time, I've finally finished off the last bits of GS work on the sorcerer and got some better pics of him:

Really happy with this guy, hes turned out pretty much as I pictured him all those months ago when the images of the DV libby first popped up on the web. Time to get him undercoated and I will attempt to get him painted up over the next few days :)

Whilst I'm here, here is a sneak peak of the terminators I've been slowly converting, they have been truescaled but not to the level of work I do on the power armoured marines.
These guys just have a single 1mm piece of Plastic card in their shins and this is enough to make them stand slightly taller than the normal corsairs, saves me a fair bit of time too :

Still a long way to go on them, given I havent even started work on the other 2 out of the DV set yet :(


  1. Not sure i'm comfortable in you keeping the DA iconography on the sergeant.

    Sorcerer looks excellent. The screaming flames on the sword was a very nice touch.

    Now finish the Quest bases.

  2. Superb conversion love the sword.

  3. This is just one big great work, mate. I Love how you've done the termies, can't wait to see the others, not to mention about painted version ))