Tuesday 19 June 2012

Yet more WIP Red Corsairs

Evening readers,

Small update time again, slowly chugging away on the corsairs. Here are the next 2 in their WiP stage:

Idea for these Pair are that they will be sword brothers formerly of the Swords of Surthur chapter(Home brew but I had to get some viking themed stuff in somewhere) that turned their backs on the imperium together.

That is the rough idea for their fluff, I shall refine it when I post them both up when they are painted.

Started converting the 5th marine now who shall likely be a former member of the raptors chapter.

In other hobby news the sedition wars kickstarter is going incredibly well, glad to see them getting the amount of support and I'm now really looking forward to getting the game. Currently contemplating whether to increase my pledge in order to get the new optional character modelClick on the image below for a link to the kickstarter page:

Also I shall be entering the Hasslefree Miniatures sculpting competition that is running from July through to September. You have to use their new female armature as the basis with 3 categories to choose from, I have my plans for this but I shall keep them secret for now ;)


  1. They look good so far.

    Good luck with competition!

  2. A good mix of parts there evil enemy, if you need more Space Wolf parts give me a ping, I can provide. And you're not dead again then? The rumors must be just that. Expect a small 15mm update from me in the next few days ;)