Monday 1 July 2013

Weekly Ramblings #7

Evening guys and girls,

It's update time, been slowly workong on some bits mainly so as not to push my hand too much and set it off again. Main project I have been working on is another Inq28 model.

This one is a fun little project as after dropping PDH a PM over on the Ammo bunker asking if it was possible to have a contact card(random cards given out at Molotovs Inqvitational events). He had a word with Molotov and Riseofthemagi and I was given a choice of 2 cards to use as the basis of a conversion. I picked the below:

This one is a rather blank canvas, I've opted to have her as a highborn nobel woman who despises her own kind and thus takes great pleasure in killing them off with poison. This poison she cultivates from various poisonous flowers,

This is the conversion so far, the base mode was the high elf hand maiden:

rather pleased with it so far, the smile though has been a pain to do I'm still not fully happy with it yet.

In other news I ventured to Warhammer World with Rictus last week and for once only came back with the basis for the above conversion and 2 art prints:

Can't go wrong with a bit of Tau stuff, infact I have returned to updating my old army a project I haven't touched in probably 2 years. As part of that project I shall be setting myself a challenge and the reward for completing it will be a Riptide battlesuit. Whats the chalenge I hear you cry, well I shall earn a riptide once I paint 100 can laugh now

Given I have such a back log of stuff such as Sedition wars, Quest, Red Corsairs, Epic, Heresy era White scars and the Tau themselves I have more than enough variety to keep me going.

Wish me luck haha


  1. 100 models? Hahahahahahaha!


    Lady Amon Asil (obvious anagram is obvious) is looking sharp. Have you considered a Handsome Jack style mask for the lady?

    1. I'll prove you wrong Danny!!!! Well maybe :-P

      A handsome jack style mask would be rather cool though I might save that for a cultist type character.

    2. A Handsome Jack-sytle mask would indeed be cool. Wherever you use the idea, I'll be watching.

      Nice progress on the Lady. Love the hair you've sculpted for her, though I must admit that it's a bit difficult to see the sculpting you've done on her face (but that's just nit-picking).

      Looking forward to the next update :)

  2. 100 models? Sure, thats doable Si. We shall call it the Miracle of the Midlands. . . Would like to see what you do with a Riptide though, so I'm hoping you actually achieve this very optimistic goal. Please tell me you'll put a more appropriately scaled head on it though!