Sunday 13 October 2013

Changing direction

Good evening guys and girls,

I return to my neglected corner of the net after yet another long absence. I have been busy but also have struggled to actually get enough finished to be worthy of a post.

Fast forward to last weekend and I went to my normal meet up with Rictus and Nife, which has given me the kick I needed to post. The one thing that the meet up has opened my eyes too is just how little I am interested in the GW side of this hobby anymore. None of us particularly took our games of 40k seriously during the 1 day we had at WHW, this is when something clicked in my head that it was time to wrap up most my GW projects.....

Red Corsair Lord - Just for Sheep seen as hes been nagging via Rictus to see proof I've actually been working on stuff

Don't get me wrong I will finish what I've got(Corsairs and Tau) and still play when we have our meets, just I will now resist buying any more stuff and begin the long process of sorting out what to sell off.

The end isn't nigh though as though my interest in GW dwindles I have found new interest in other parts of the hobby those being skirmish and board games. The meet up gave us chance to try out some new games notably sedition wars and dreadball(the big hit of the weekend) as well as the now staple zombicide and I am finding them just so much more fun and interesting than 40k.

First game of Sedition Wars
Dreadball a awesome little game

I think part of it is the self contained nature of them and in the case of dreadball its just fun and very easy to get into. So much so that I have ordered myself a team for it.

Another game I have gathered some bits for is infinity, I love the sculpts for this game as well as the ghost in the shell vibe it has. The fact you can have a game with only a handful of models per side is an added bonus, I hope to take this along to the next meet up.

 Mars Attacks Kickstarter

And finally we have one last game this time one I have invested in on kickstarter and I blame nife entirely for this.....,Mars Attacks. Looks like a really fun little skirmish game that is again all self contained add to that that the gaming mat and terrain will run dual use with infinity and its a steal.

Thats it for now guys, a bit text heavy I know but now you can see the new direction I'll be heading in. Next update will likely focus on me painting up my dreadball team but might be a while away yet as I have a lot on my plate in real life at the moment.


  1. It's a real shame to see you pretty much stop your meanderings in the 40k universe, but I can completely understand your reasons for it. I've been tempted to walk away from GW too, but since I've got a number of friends who are quite interested in starting/started recently, I still have some kind of motivation to build up a 40k army.

    Ah well, I'll keep an eye out for your next projects regardless of the gaming system they're for :)

    1. Its not the end of 40k completely good sir, I still have a fair amount to finish off for the corsairs and a few bits I picked up at whw to finalise them. Guess I just fancy a change as I feel I have exhausted my ideas for 40k.

    2. Good to hear :) I await whatever you have next in store for us with great anticipation and hope to see you return to 40k sometime in the future!

  2. Look at the crazy colours in that Mars Attack art. Painting inspiration for you right there!

    How is Zombicide anyway?

    1. Haha mars attacks will be fun but its not shipping till August next year so I'm trying to not plot to much for it yet :-P

      Zombicide is awesome dude, really fun game kinda reminds me of a model version of left for dead. You should try check it out :-)

  3. Thanks for the "proof of life" pics mate, the corsair lord looks really mean!

    It's a shame to see your interest waning, I hope you never stop entirely with 40k, your sculpts would be missed.

  4. I understand your moving away from GW, I've done the same myself. I just can't afford the minis, rulebooks or time to paint armies that big anymore.
    I'm recycling Bloodbowl myself. Ig Dreadbowl arrives locally at that price point I'll jump in myself.

  5. It will be cool to see you new projects take life. The miniature world is a big place have fun exploring it!

  6. I hope you've not explored it too deeply, come back from the rabbit hole MrvHobo ;)

  7. I can understand your distancing yourself a bit from 40k. As of late, I have been exploring a lot of other skirmish based miniature games (much easier to build a fighting force, and allows for trying out new rulesets, rather than trying to fight the rise of deathstar armies in 40k…)

    Having said that, I still find the 40k universe the most fascinating of all the miniature games I have looked into, giving me the most freedom to create unique characters (your inq28 models are fantastic by the way). Your Corsair lord is wonderful looking, it is amazing that you were able to make the bland looking plastic Chaos terminators look nice. It is great to see that chosen helmet actually on a model.
    Having enjoyed your blog for a while now, I would like to nominate your blog for the Liebster Award! Hopefully it will help bring new readers to your blog. You can find more details about the award here:

    I know going through all of the steps for this award are a little tedious, so I understand if you choose not to do so!