Monday 29 April 2013

Weekly Update #3 - The Dead Gods return

Well its that time again, I'm actually surprised that I've kept this up for 3 weeks now haha

So I'm finally back onto normal hours at work, meaning I get my life back and with that a bit of time for hobbying. The necron lord still isn't quite finished but given I want to stick at these weekly updates I figured I'd get some pics of him anyway:

Mr Feral suggested I go for an ash waste type base for him, and I think its worked out rather well(proves he can be right occasionally ;) ).

I also now have 10 Immortals, mainly because I got bored of waiting for wayland to dispatch my order so I just braved GW Birmingham when I was in the city the other day and picked some up. I have the first 5 built and these will be getting undercoated tonight.

As if to just prove me wrong, today I have recieved shipping confirmation from Wayland, only taken them 2 weeks to dispatch items that were supposed to be in stock................everytime they pull this crap I will say I wont buy from them again, but I know I will end up going back to them yet again :(

Also here is a bit of a shouth out to my good friend High Marshal Dave, he has just returned to his blog after a prolonged break from it. Hes working largely on FoW stuff at the moment so go pay him a visit :) :

And I'll leave this update with the latest song from one of my favourite bands heres hoping they tour around by me this year :D


  1. Hmm, the base is darker than I imagined by it still works as a whole.

    I'll have your stuff sent to you when I can afford the P&P. :/

  2. Looking good Si, though I agree with Mr F, base is kinda dark. He could do with more contrast between the base and his frets.