Tuesday 17 August 2010

New Beginnings

Afternoon readers, has been a while since I last posted, had a lot of family stuff going on as well as a great loss of Mojo. So much so that I have packed away a lot of my hobby stuff and intend to have a few months off from painting and set game systems (Warhammer, FoW etc) as well as spending as much time on hobby forums on the net.

However this is not the end of this blog no as I intend to carry on sculpting, I have recently signed up for a sculpture Course at the local adult education center which will be starting in late September, I hope to learn classical sculpting and also how to make some character busts so I thought I would get in some practise before it starts as it has been a fair while since I did any scratch sculpts.

So to start off with I've attempted something I've wanted to do for a while a 15mm sculpt. So armed with a FoW german for reference and some paper clip I set about it:

He is still very WiP but I'm stupidly happy with him so far, never thought I would be able to pull off such a small sculpt. The strange thing is I have found him easier to do than a 28mm miniature maybe because there is less detail or maybe because there is no need to build up the basic muscle groups, the leg for example is one blob of GS sculpted into shape in 1 go.

The theme of this guy is like a Sci-Fi Japanese trooper, as you will have hopefully have picked up from the samurai influences on it(I have some concept art I'll put up soon). Given how well this guy has come out so far I'm considering sculpting another 8 or 9 and then possibly casting them as I've wanted to experiment with casting for a while now.

Casting? why would you do that I hear you cry, well I'm thinking of making a 15mm scale gaming board only a small one and also writing up my own back ground and rules for it, I was inspired to think of doing such a thing by fjk177222 and his 15mm log on the Ammo Bunker: http://s3.zetaboards.com/The_Ammobunker/topic/7388215/

Easily one of the most inspirational and original logs I've seen on the AB in a long time, it got me pretty fired up to have a crack at not only making my own rules and back ground but 15mm wargaming in general. I have FoW but this is more single figures on bases as a skirmish game.

So over the coming months you shall see me make the board and the fire teams that shall fight over it as well as the sculptures I'll be making on my course. I'm sure I'll crack and paint something at some point most likely Mantic zombies and a few Hasslefree zombie hunters to go with em :P

Thanks for reading :D


  1. Ooh that's nice, the simple twist in the torso adds enough dynamism to the model to stop it looking too static. :)

  2. For 15mm, its looks great! way more detail in it than i thought you would put into it, cant wait to see if finished along with the rest :)


  3. why thank you kind Sirs :) glad you like him