Thursday 22 July 2010

SoTR Germans and mechs plus Warhammer Undead

Evening readers, its that time again where I ramble on about stuff and post up some pics :P

first up here are 3 SoTR Germans i just finished painting:Had a small order from wayland games turn up the other day, contained this awesome model:

The SoTR German Wolverine light mech, I love this model just a really nice looking kit, shall be painting it up soon :)

In the same order I also got the soviet sniper Special character Nika, who I have converted into a German character:

Next up is some fantasy stuff I've been working on, with the new edition out its has got me interested again so I decided to carry on with the small vampire counts force I started a year back. I was tempted to do Skaven with them being in the new starter set and all but decided to stick with the undead for the reason of them allowing me to use up random models i have aquired over the years plus they allow for a lot of conversions. :)

so here is the start of my grave guard, found a box of chaos warriors I brought when they were first released that had been sitting around for ages so decided to put them to use:
next up are the 2 characters for the force so far:

This guy will sit in the block of Grave guard the rough back story I have for him is that he was the chieftain of the chaos warriors that became the grave guard, be was basically turned into a vampire by the general (of my eventual army :P) for putting up a good fight. His former warband was then raised from the dead to serve as his body guard.

Hes based around a chaos marauder who has had his height increased with some plasticard spacers.

To go with him I have also brought this Gamezone vampire countess:

shes a very nice model shall be painting her up soon too :)

And thats it for today, as ever any comments and suggestions are more than welcome

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  1. Huzzah for the mech, im glad you listened to me about getting it ;) hurry up and paint it. The germans and the conversion to the sniper look uber nice.

    Also looking forward to you completing that unit of graveguard!