Thursday 15 July 2010

Take cover...snipers

Evening readers, time for a quick update from me, just finished these guys:

2 SoTR German snipers, they are great models probably some of my favourites of the whole SoTR range. Gone with a camo pattern of my own design though you can see the influences of pea dot and oak leaf in it, I figured seen as the war is supposed to have gone on past 1945 then there might be some newer camo patterns, plus it kept it nice and simple to paint :P

Anyway back to the xbox, picked up Crackdown 2 the other day and it is most awesome nothing quite as addictive as collecting agility orbs :P

Quite excited now, just found that the bolt action miniatures plastic germans are up for pre-order :D

possibilities for making weird world war 2 stuff from these is great, leave them as they are and you have standard army who don't have any of the fancy new equipment yet, sculpt on armour to make them look more advanced or hack them up and you have nazi zombies :D

1 comment:

  1. Veeedy nice Slymon, always like the German snipers form SoTR and yours have turned out great!

    Now quit playing crackdown 2 hurry up and finish RDR :P