Tuesday 2 November 2010

The zombie Apocalypse begins

Evening readers, time for an update from me , last time I gave a bit of a sneak peek at the first of my survivors for my zombie apocalypse stuff, well today you get to see the first zombie :D

On Saturday I ordered Mantics 30 model Zombie regiment and today they arrived so of course I had to set straight to work on making a test model :P . Now I wanted to test 2 things with the Mantic zombies mainly how well I could GS modern looking clothes onto them and also how easily I could convert some of them to be female zombies with Undeath being an equal opportunities job and all :P

So I made like a zombie business woman type thing:



over all I'm quite pleased with it, the tattered loin cloth the legs had on them was easy to use as the basis for the skirt, I then shaved down the torso, arms and face to make them look less male add a GS shirt and hair and done even added a high heeled shoe to her one foot :P

I'm in the process of making another 2 zombies this time male, tough it is taking some time to cut down the loin cloths already molded onto the models :( will hopefully be worth it though :)

As ever feel free to drop me a comment and let me know what you think :D


  1. Impressive, I love how you've completely changed the model to something your own. The odd shoe is a nice touch. Speaking of the Mantic zeds, did you see the Warlord plastic Germans / Mantic Zombies deal to make Nazi Zombies? It looks awesome!

  2. cheers dude :)

    Yh I saw those on the Mantic blog quite a nice little conversion kit, might have to get one for me weird world war 2 Germans in the future