Tuesday 3 May 2011

Tablet sketch and blog award

Well its come to that time again, where I post up something vaguely constructive :P

This time its another sketch, been busy over the past 2 weeks so have done very little painting or modelling at all. How ever all is not lost I've been trying to get my head around GIMP and finally found out how to create custom brushes as well as how to add ones other people have made. So after a quick browse through deviantart I found a number of brushes that I thought would be useful.

Decided to sketch Lady again as shes simple to draw and seen as its just something to test these brushes on I figured there would be no point trying to do something new and put a lot of effort into it.

So here it is:

like I said its rough I didn't bother finishing off the arms and guns but the torso and head are where I have used the brushes.

The main brush is a Tone one, these are what manga artists use for shading basically it is just a fine set of dots that act as shadow. You add these and then where the hightlights are you erase them, best example of this is her skin. On the jeacket I have used multiple layers of the tone to build up some darker shadows.

Another brush set I found on Deviantart is one for doing hair. Something that I find very difficult to draw so downloading them was a no brainer, I sketched the hair straight on in black and then swapped to white and lightly went over some areas to add the highlights. Of courseit looks quite crude now but I hope to get to grips with them over time :)

Here are the brushes that I downloaded:

Screentones- 28 Brushes - GIMP by ShiroiSinCell

Gimp Furr Brushes by Gymnart

Next up it appears that I have been nomiated for one of these hobby award thingys that seem to be popping up everywhere. Thank you to that scoudrel known only as Mister Feral for nominating my blog,

Now I don't normally buy into these chain letter type things, so instead of telling you 7 things about myself(which would likely bore you) I will merely put up a few links to some blogs/sites/logs/artists that I find inspiring:

Night Lords 18th Battle Company project log by Dan the Daemon

This is a hugely inspiring log that I stumbled upon when browsing bolter and chainsword last year, I pinched and slightly modified his method for truescaling marines and used it on my Word Bearers. I love the realism of his marines they all carry a  decent amount of equipment and all look unique with different trophies, armour types, helmets etc. For anyone doing chaos or even loyalist marines this is a recommended read :)

Reiq on DeviantArt

Now some of his artwork might not be to everyones tastes I dont like some of it either(giant boobs :\), but I find his livestream and youtube videos quite interesting to watch mainly to see his sketching process, as he uses next to no construction lines at all which is very hard to do. Hobby related he designed one of the characters for the soda pop miniatures line.

Genzoman on DeviantArt

I stumbled upon this gallery a few years back and have followed it since then, I love his drawing style sort of manga/anime mixed with a more serious style. Some of his takes on myths and gods are particularily good. Even considering buying his art book.

AWOLs log on Ammobunker

AWOL is a friend of mine who I first met on the Ammobunker. Hes always working on a variety of projects from 40k to FoW to historicals he paints up some great stuff and his scratch builds in particular are always awesome he even kindly sent me a 2 part mold for a autogun he scratched before :)

Blood on the streets

I've been unlucky enough to know the foul kiwi known only as Foot for a few years now, as well as constantly nagging me to paint/ draw stuff or buy games he occasionally finds the time to paint something ;). His latest projects are zombie apocalpse and Malifaux stuff which are coming on nicely. I would recommend looking at his mordheim and bloodpact forces as they are both very inspiring.


I've been talking to Mr Feral for a couple of years now being exposed to both his and Foots madness has probably left me mentally scarred :P Hes constantly working on a variety of projects from 40k to pirates to EDEN. Though he is easily distracted when he does finally finish something it is normally great. I'm finding is latest project of making a squad of zoicans from the Gaunts Ghosts books very interesting.

Well theres a few inspiring links, might make this a semi regular thing to explain some things that inspire me :)

Well thats it for now quite a block of text there :P , might be some FoW models ready to post up in a few days time along with a few extra sketches :)

as ever let me know what you think.


  1. You can't think of seven interesting things because you aren't interesting. :p

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