Thursday 26 May 2011

Mordheim: Possessed Magister WiP 2 and Brethren WiP

Evening Readers, tis update time again

And as last time this update is focussed on my fledgling possessed warband for Mordheim :) , first up we have some more work on the Magister herself:

Im very pleased with her so far particularily her face which I got to a point I was happy with on my first attempt, normally I end up sculpting faces 3 of 4 times as I'm never happy with them :(

Her hair does need improving as does the fabric covering her boobs, for her arms I'm thinking of cheating and using vampire count skeleton warrior arms as the basis and then simply sculpting the flesh over the top.

In other Mordheim news my Empire Archers kit turned up yesterday(great kit by the way) and of cours eI had to start plotting the brethren so knocked up a quick and rough concept sketch:

this morning I took the ideas from the concept sketch and set about making a test model, her he is so far:

I'm pleased with how he is shaping up, the leather armour needs more studs of course and I will then file them down slightly once they have cured.

The mask is to have a bit of a theme of slaanesh as perfection, I looked at the helmets of the sanguinary guard for inspiration. The thin strands of GS will have some beads and gems on hanging from his belt, I thing material wealth like gems and such works well with slaanesh, could represent greed or something.

before I go welcome to new follower IzeColt :)

as ever feel free to let me kno wwhat you think guys :D


  1. BOOBS!

    I like the little horns growing out of her scalp, but its the Cultist that I really like (the mask in particular is rather snazzy). :)