Saturday 21 May 2011

Dark Eldar Archon

Evening readers its again that time where I ramble on about hobby related things :P

First up I have been nominated for another of the "Stylish blogger" awards this time by Rictus over on Recalcitrant Daze So thank you sir :) Now Rictus has described me as having Modellers ADD worse than he does and he is likely right (just don't let him know that) as I have already swapped from messing with red corsairs to working on some Dark Eldar again haha.

Don't worry its not the end of the corsairs, theres actually a WiP one in this very update :) but first off here is the finished Archon:

Taken a fair while to finish this guy(had him since January :( ) but my interest comes and goes in armies so much that I normally don't get much done before I'm messing with something else. I aimed to give the skeleton on his base a bit of a burnt look as if it had just had its flesh vapourised by the husk blade. The latest DE models especially the scourges have caused my sudden interest in DE as to how long it will last well whos knows......

next up is a WiP Red Corsair:

He still needs a fair bit more work doing to him but I figured I'd throw him up to show some progress.

I have hit a bit of a brick wall with the corsairs, namely GWs latest price rises that will hit at the end of the month. Now I don't buy that much anymore most my projects use 2nd hand models or simply stripping old armies that I collected in cheaper times these Corsairs for example are based around the marines I got when I first started this hobby about 9 years ago.

However there are somethings I would like to buy for the corsairs such as a space wolf squad and some empire militia for the human pirate conversions but I don't know if I really want to support GWs policy of these constant increases. I guess I will have to make my mind up this week so I could order them before the increases hit.

On a lighter note seen as I have been nomiated for the blogger award again, I thought I would put up some more links to things I find inspiring:

Diary of a Workbench by Georc : A good few years back now(2005/6 I think) when I first got back into the hobby I used to go on a Dark Elf forum called, Georc was a member there and was the person who inspired me to first start sculpting as his character conversions were brilliant. He has further improved both his painting and sculpting work since then and I still find his stuff a huge inspiration. He also has a blog but doesn't seem to use it.

Garret Art lair: Brilliant art blog that I first stumbled on via his page on deviantart, the pictures he has been doing recently of characters from the mass effect series are amazing, easily some of the best fan art I have ever seen.

I shall leave it at just 2 this time or this post will get too big :P like I said before I shall try make this a semi regular feature :)

before I go theres a Hi to new followers: Rictus, Kiski, Marcin Ciszewicz and Danny Allen cheers for the support guys :)

Should have an update in a few days liekly to be some FoW but also possibly a test human pirate :)


  1. Aye, congrats on finishing the Archon! :)

    Bet you're tempted by a Talos or two hey? :p

  2. Cheers dude :) I like the Talos but I prefer the scourges to it.

    Saying that I always prefer painti infantry to vehicles, don't actually know why though haha :P