Monday 23 May 2011

Mordheim: Possessed Magister WiP

Evening readers time for another update.

and whats this I've got another project on the go............I'm getting predictable I know :P

This time the project is Mordheim a game that I've had Foot_of _adhesive_tape nagging me to get into for a fair while now, but it is not him who finally pushed me over the edge no it is that sarcastic git known only as Rictus who is to blame for this after a MSN conversation the other day.

After being split between Undead, Beastmen and Cult of the Possessed I finally decided to go with the latter more specifically a Slaaneshii themed cult.

Why Slaanesh? I hear you cry, well of all the chaos powers it is the only one I have never really modelled anything for, dabbled with the others but I usually stick to Undivided. Now I'm drawing some inspiration from the Dragon age games namely from the desire demons and blood mages for the theme of the cult, specifically how in Dragon age each of those can control and influence people.

Theme wise the magister is a Woman who has seduced her way up the social ladder with a little help from slaanesh, I know this might be the stereotypical sort of slaanesh theme but I like it. Other themes I shall explore are gluttony which will most likely take the form of a rather chunky mutant as well as perfection which I am unsure of how to do with the warriors so far.

right enough rambling I'm sure you will want to see the WiP pics of the magister:

She is based on the legs of a flagellent which I have heavily cut and filed down to make them more slender, the torso and the start of the head are entirely scratch sculpted. Here is the concept sketch I knocked up whilst the ideas were fresh in my head the other night:

as you can see I'm going for the Slaanesh exposed skin look though keeping away from exposed boobies, this will give me space to do some tattoos. Mutation wise she will have some small horns on the left hand side of her head and i might even mix in some tentacle with the hair much like how the older metal daemonettes had.

The rest of the warband will be based around the empire archers set all be it heavily converted, the idea of this project is to further improve my sculpting skills and to try and create something unique. The fact that its a pretty damn cheap game to get into also helped :P

I shall be setting up a page on the blog dedicated to this project, an idea shamelessly stolen from Mr Feral. There I shall put down rough ideas, sketches and even the warband list :)

Also Welcome to new followers Stillfrosty Conversions and Now Undivided, thanks for the support guys :)

well thats it for now as ever any comments or suggestions are more than welcome

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  1. Impressive, I like where you're going with this.

    Now I dare you to actually finish this warband! :p