Saturday 14 May 2011

Red Corsair Reaver captain WiP 2

Evening readers, time for a quick update though a day later than I intended.

Been to the beach in Barmouth today decent day until a storm blew in, damn rain :P

Anywho here is another update on the red Corsair, he is pretty much finished conversion wise:

things left to do is to finish off the GS work on the out stretched hand (started life as a ghouls hand) as well as the one foot. I'm pleased with how the cutlass has turned out could have been a bit neater but it does the job :P

I'm considering making a squad of red corsairs to accompany him, what do you guys think? worth it or shall I stick with him as a one off?

whilst talking about Red Corsairs I'm currently reading "Blood Reaver" the latest Night Lords novel by Aaron Dembski-bowden. Great read so far and gives some nice background to the Red Corsairs which has sold GWs focus on renegades to me a bit more. Huron from the descriptions is 2nd in power and influence only to Abaddon himself which I found pretty cool.

Also welcome to new followers Red, travis yocum and El Diablo cheers for the support guys :)

Well thats it for this update, as ever let me know what you think.


  1. That guy looks fantastic. Great work!

  2. Great work sir, i think this is one of my favorite chaos related things you have done!


  3. cheers guys, really pleased with him, might start work on a few regular corsairs to accompany him today :D

  4. I approve, loving the power cutlass and the outward hand. Yarrr!

  5. Cheers sir, now get a move on with the pirate themed marines you are planning ;)

  6. cheers dude :) , he turned into a bit of a labour of love I'm dreading how long its going to take to convert a squad of corsairs to go with him haha