Friday, 2 September 2011

Something Big and Gribbly

Evening readers, random update time :D

After having a chat with Rictus on MSN the other night about how all the updates I seem to do are GS based I decided I would find something to paint. After a bit of a search I stumbled upon my old Tyranid Army that have lay in a box untouched since 3rd edition.

Amongst them one of the few Forge World models I own a scythed hierodrule. I have left my nids for all these years with the hope of one day returning to them and doing them proper justice, problem is that bringing them up to date with the newer plastics such as the carnifex, genestealers and so on would cost a small fortune :(

So for now I shall settle on repainting the Hierodrule as a break from constant GS work, who knows might lead to me bringing out more of the nid units to re paint :)

progress so far:

Mainly focused on getting him reundercoated and the base coats down, the carapace will be black and his "Skin" blue I chose black so that if I ever do decide to repaint and update my army it would make things far quicker haha.

I have however got side tracked with the mouth as I wanted to try a sort of dripping saliva effect on him, which I achieved by heating up a clear flyign stand with a lighter and then pulling it into a thin strand which was then cut to fit and super glued in place.

Messy and fiddly yes but I'm rather pleased with the results :)

In other news my signed J Scott Campbell art books finally turned up :

really happy with these, and plan to buy a few more art books likely an Adam hughes one and possibly a Marko Djurdjevic one (if he has done one that is)

also given teh blog a bit of a face lift, more subdued blue seems better, less in your face than the orange one. Took off the scrolling blog lists too as I couldnt figure out how to fix the problem with how they displayd in Internet Explorer :(

Well thats it for now as ever let me know what you think :)


  1. Where the hell has that sprung from? I didn't even know you had some Tyranids.

    Mouth looks good with the saliva looking excellent.

  2. haha cheers dude, sure I told you that I had a nid army before? just they havent seen the light of day for years :(

  3. Very nice mate. The saliva looks great. The nids have obviously been in a draw breeding away awaiting a time to build up numbers and poor out in vengeance

  4. cheers dude :) they were tempted to pour out in vengeance until they saw the cost of updating them with new models, then they ran off :P haha