Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Games Day Kill Team : Test Scheme

Afternoon readers, small update time :)

managed to get a test model from the Kill Team painted up:

Hes come out reasonably well, needs some tidying up on the highlights of his armour in particular. He shall do though, the camo came out better than I thought it would as I normally hate painting it haha. Just need to get the rest of them painted up now.

Speaking of which here are a few better pics of the conversion work on some of them:

only got a little GS work left to do mainly shoulder pads and gauntlets so shouldnt take much longer.

Think after these are done I shall have a break from GW stuff for a bit, its beginning to bore me if I'm honest. I thought the Space Marine game would boost my interest but it hasn't, so theres a choice between possible projects:

Either Zombie Apocalpyse so painting up some survivors and zombies, more as a paintign project really as I doubt I will ever Game with them.

or 15mm Sci fi which would let me make a little terrain too.

At the moment I'm leaning more torwards the zombie stuff as it could be fun to  paint and I have plans to make more versions of Resident Evil characters plus some from Left 4 Dead as well :)

Welcome to new follower Lorenzo Calvi too, cheers for the support dude :)

Thats it for now shall be back when I have painted up a few more of the KT


  1. I'm going to through in my support for Zombie stuff. It is what I am working on at the moment, and I'd love to follow a similar project.


  2. Woot i can second Adam on that :oD.

    Guard tester looks great!

  3. Thanks for the Welcome! :D

    Very good models, I like the care you put in the bases, this is the things that make a unit stand out.

  4. Cheers guys :)

    @Adam: Cheers dude, I think I shall likely be heading down the zombie route might order a set of Studio Miniatures zombies tomorrow just a case of which set to much choice haha.

    Checked out your blog too, some nice work there :)

    @Brummie: your the wrong person to ask if I should do zombies hardly an unbiased opinion are you ;) :P haha

    @Zerloon: Cheers dude and your welcome :) I quite enjoy doing the bases on models lately like you say can give them more personality.

    I'll just point out that I didn't make the texture on the Kill Teams bases they were cast like that :)