Monday, 26 September 2011

GamesDay 2011 the aftermath

Well Gamesday has been and gone, rather enjoyable day even if I didn't really pay to much attention to what was going on there. My main reason for going was to see some of my internet friends who I normally on see once or twice a year.

So I spent the day with Rictus, Schoolcormorant, Mr Feral and Dave aka Lavadude off Ammo Bunker.

The first hour of the day was spent trying to wake Schoolcormorant up as me, Rictus and Dave all stood in the lobby of his hotel phoning him. 25 missed calls to his mobile, 2 calls from the lobby staff to his room and eventually 3 security guys going into his room later and he was awake and ready to head across to the LG arena.

I didn't bother entering Golden Demon given that when we got there they were letting everyone in anyway. Figured it was less hassle that way.

So off we set to look around after getting seperated from SC and Rictus pretty much instantly I had a wander around with Dave checked out the Ammo Bunkers table:

The Ammbunker won best club contribution for the table

had a good look at the armies on parade stuff though forgot to get any pictures, standard was really high though.

New FW landraider

Very nice skaven conversion that caught my eye

The new Forge world rhino conversion kit

Not long after this we found Mr Feral and he joined our motley group for the day, after looking round a few more time and grabbing some lunch we decided to brave the queue for the sales stand which moved surprisingly quickly.

Here was my loot for the day:

only 2 things, one was the plastic nurgle lord which I shall convert to a plague marine character at some point in the future (Malifaux and zombies being my priority now) as well a pre release copy of The Gildar Rift, which I picked up as I quite like books with huron blackheart and the Red corsairs in (Check out Bloodreaver by Aaron Dembski-Bowden)

Managed to then get the book signed by its author Sarah Cawkwell as did Mr Feral.

All in all a very enjoyable day, as to if I'm going next year well that will be decided closer to the time when I know who out of my friends is going as really they are the only reason I went haha.


  1. Somthing i've never been to. Can't think why I haven't. I miss the good old days when GW use to have regular sales of old stock sniff!

    Glad you had a good time and met up with some buddies.

    Get on with those Zombies :oP

  2. It was good to see you again, I may even slightly understand your accent now. :p

    We'll have to do it or something similar again next year. :)

  3. @Brummie: to be honest dude you didnt really miss much at all there was nothing new on show basically was just mobs of kids and teenagers, your £30 better off than me by not gettign a ticket haha :P

    @Mr. Feral: Was good to see you again too dude, though you have given me ammunition to nag you for the next year with the stuff you brought ;)

    aye if not GD could always meet half way as you would be too scared to journey to the midlands haha

  4. Si, was good to see you, SC, Matt, Dave and Mr Feral the other day. Looking forward to getting my hands on a few new books in the coming weeks. The Gildar Rift and Nocturne mainly.

  5. Was good to see you to Gav shame the pair of hobos known as Grizz and Dave couldn't make it down.

    The Gildar rift is actually pretty good so far, though I think I still prefer Aaron Dembski-Bowdens take on huron Blackheart :)