Saturday, 24 September 2011

Gamesday 2011 plans

Evening readers, small update

tomorrow is Gamesday and I shall be in attendance walking around with the rather shady pair of Rictus and Schoolcormorant.

Will be my first time entering Golden Demon though mainly doing it to get in earlier, as I stand no chance in hell of winning a thing in it haha. I shall be entering the Classic version of Ironhand Straken I painted up a while back as it is still my best painted model:

Might try and do a proper entry next year

After an unfortunate accident involving me rolling my office chair over one the them the Kill team won't be going to GD, haven't got the time to repair it :(

Today I met up with SchoolCormorant in Birmingham as he has come down a day early, and I finally ventured into Waylands Forge as recommended by Brummie. Left with this:

Looks like Malifaux will be getting started earlier than I expected haha. Planning on really pushing myself with the painting on these, but it wouldn't be me if GS wasn't involved so I shall be doing a conversion or 2 on them ;)

If any of you are about at GD come and say hello I will likely be with the tall geordie with Blue hair.

Shall get some pictures of what goes on to post up on here either tomorrow night or monday  :)


  1. Woot have a good day today at GDAY. Did you find Waylands ok?

  2. Excellent, my plan has worked. looking forward to the malifaux stuffs.

    How was the GD sir?

  3. cheers lads,

    @Brummie: aye found it alright, printed off a map just incase haha. quite a cool littel shop sort of an aladins cave. Shall liekly stick my head in there from time to time

    @Foot: silence foul kiwi you were just 1 of a few nagging me to do malifaux so you cant take all the credit :P