Sunday, 14 September 2014

Entering the Deadzone

Afternoon guys and girls,

A normal weekly update for you here. This time some pictures of my much threatened WiP Deadzone strike forces.

I've had a starter set of Enforcers and various other deadzone bits such as Terrain and a gaming mat knocking around for a while now. After having a few games with Nife and Rictus at our last meet up and the game itself going down well I figured it was time to pull my finger out and get some painting done.

Here are all the Enforcers that have got paint on them so far. There are only 4 more that need painting plus 2 sentry guns. Most of the below guys still need tidying up and finishing touches on them:

2 Regular Enforcers and a Sniper

Assault Enforcers - Used red to show their speciality


I have gone for more basic paint jobs than on my infinity stuff so no mixing of colours and other more time consuming methods. I have however been weathering them with sponge.

Next up is a WiP Mercenary Asterian Character, Nastanza:

Speaking of Asterians after the success of our games I took the plunge and ordered the Sky Shadow Infiltration force bundle from Mantic. This gave me an entire Asterian starter force plus a box of Asterian specialists, the new expansion book, wave 2 cards and a pre release character for a rather good price.

I have yet to build the specialists but have managed to get the starter box built:

I do rather like these guys, very much remind me of star wars battle droids or the Geth from Mass Effect. Fluff wise they are all drones controlled from afar well apart from the commander who takes to the field in person.

Rather looking forward to getting some paint on them.

In my final nerdy moment of the week I stumbled upon some trinkets for about 30p each:

Me being a bit of a green lantern nerd I picked up the rings of my favourite corps as a laugh :P

Thinking of Comics, my normal partner in crime in comic book related stuff(he did get me started on them again after all) Mr Feral has started up a little blog where he reviews some go check it out if you like the odd superhero Sharky Reads Comics

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Pre-emptive dungeon crawling

Afternoon guys and girls,

Something resembling normality is beginning to settle now in the real world so I've had some time to do a little hobbying.

Given my focus on painting and terrain of late(some stuff will appear in a future update) I have decided to do a little sculpting as a change of pace. It is also a change of setting with me moving to fantasy from my normal sci fi main stay.

Recently after some nagging from Nife I pledged for Mantics latest; kickstarter Dungeon Saga. It is the sort of little self contained fantasy game I have been after for a while as I've long had the itch to make a few fantasy things but without being tied directly to GWs universe.

Now its still over a year until I will actually have the game however mantic are putting the rules for using some of their Kings of War models in the game. After having a look through their undead list I hit upon the idea of Making a Revenant king and his entourage of Revenants, a female Necromance/sorceress, Wraith and eventually a Vampire and Liche.

So off I trotted to Mantics website and ordered a load of 25mm bases(same size and dungeon saga will be) a box of skeleton warriors and a few other bits(including an Asterian Deadzone faction more on them soon)

I also ordered a pack of warmachine models to use for conversion fodder.

So Enough Rambling, here is the heavily WiP Female Necromancer/Sorceress

She is based on a Cryx Witch Coven model from Warmachine. It scales in nicely with the mantic stuff and I rather liked the pose and armour. I have removed the original head and had a crack at sculpting my own for it. So far I'm pretty pleased with her

Next up is the Revenant king:

This guy is converted from stock Mantic Skeletons with GS and plasticard bits. I still need to sort out his arms but plan to have him with a 2 handed sword.

These have beena nice change to work on, I plan to have a selection of expanded enemies made in time for the release of Dungeaon saga next year so these will be rather sporadic updates over the next 12 months.

Thats it for now guys, I'll be back with a possible update mid week

Friday, 22 August 2014

A Catch up post

So I've been quiet the past few weeks,

This is for a variety of reasons, being away the past 2 weekends being one and more recently my nan passing away. Thus I havent really been up to much, I do however have some pictures I took at the last meet up of Me, Rictus and Nife from a few weeks ago:

Got to love a good castle, we spent our first day on the Isle of Wight wandering a castle and indulging Rictus' fetish for photographing Ruins. I also ended up walking away with a Sword from the castle shop......

The next day then revolved around playing some new games, first and foremost was us trying out Deadzone. Nife own the full boxed game where as I have an Enforcer start kit, rule book, deluxe mat and some scenary that I've picked up over the past year.

Rictus's worst nightmare the dreaded sentry guns that kept him supressed for most of the game

The game was a big success with us all enjoying it. Very quick to pick up but quite a lot of tactical bits and abilities to master. The plague are quite nasty to play against given their higher numbers and their big gribblies that can smash you up close.

Next we tried out infinity which oddly enough I didn't take any pictures of. Give my recent focus on painting and converting my infinity stuff I was rather looking forward to it even taking along my WiP terrain to fill out the table some more.

Sadly it wasn't as much of a success as deadzone with both Rictus and Nife not being overly impressed with it. I think I will need to read up on the rules more to try it again, though Nife now has a fear of the words critical hit haha

Finally we finished the weekend with our regular game of Zombicide. this time facing bezerker zombies for the first time. they bring a nice challenge and was fun to try out some of the newer weapons such as my beloved automatic shotgun.

It was then time to cross a rather choppy channel back to the more civilised mainland

From the weekend I have ended up with a few new projects, mainly to get my Enforcers painted up and finished and secondly I ended up leaving with the Ork half of Nifes Sanctus reach box so expect a 1000pt Zone mortallis ork force down the pipe line.

Nife has also got me to go in for Mantics latest Kickstarter, Dungeon saga. Though I admit I have fancied working on some fantasy bits and pieces for a while now so this will fit the bill nicely.

Thats it for now guys, with current circumstances might be a week or so before I put up another update.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Infinity: Order Sergeants 2#

Evening guys,

Its normal update time again. Its back to the Order Sergeants this time as the temperatures have gone down some so painting has become a bit more bearable.

Its only a week now until my next meet up with Nife and Rictus so I've been trying to get some of my WiP models finished in time.

First up we have 2 Order Sergeants 1 a sniper the other a standard one with a Multirifle. There are still some finishing touches to go on these 2 but I figured I might as well just stick some picks up:

Next up we have 2 WiP models.

First up the progress on the converted Order Sergeant Hacker:

Im really proud of the sculpt work I did on her as now with some paint on it blends together really nicely.

Next up is a Magister knight, still early stages on him but the green is pretty much done:

Well that's it for now guys a quick picture heavy update. I am now off to see Guardians of the galaxy and see if its living up to all the hype and good reviews