Sunday, 3 August 2014

Infinity: Order Sergeants 2#

Evening guys,

Its normal update time again. Its back to the Order Sergeants this time as the temperatures have gone down some so painting has become a bit more bearable.

Its only a week now until my next meet up with Nife and Rictus so I've been trying to get some of my WiP models finished in time.

First up we have 2 Order Sergeants 1 a sniper the other a standard one with a Multirifle. There are still some finishing touches to go on these 2 but I figured I might as well just stick some picks up:

Next up we have 2 WiP models.

First up the progress on the converted Order Sergeant Hacker:

Im really proud of the sculpt work I did on her as now with some paint on it blends together really nicely.

Next up is a Magister knight, still early stages on him but the green is pretty much done:

Well that's it for now guys a quick picture heavy update. I am now off to see Guardians of the galaxy and see if its living up to all the hype and good reviews

Friday, 1 August 2014

Orks: Warboss

Evening guys, a bonus update for the week tonight.

Nife in his on going quest to get me to buy stuff and bitter due to me talking him into infinity and him failing to get me to pledge to zombicide season 3 concocted an evil scheme. He bought the stormclaw boxset to boost his space wolves and then shamelessly offered me the orks at a very good price.

He won and I shall be taking them off his hands next weekend, so looks like I shall be doing a small zone mortallis Ork force and by small I mean small will likely be mainly Nobz, a unit of shootas and then the kans from the set and possibly a dread.

I have ordered some 2nd hand bits and pieces off Ebay as well as some stuff on sprue all in the effort of keeping costs to a minimum. After a rummage around I managed to find the black reach Ork warboss that I had converted and painted many moons ago.

Needless to say he was stripped of paint and I went to work on him:

As big as the model is I wanted him to be slightly more imposing so his height has been increased by 2mm at the knees. In a departure from my normal way of doing things these orks will be themed to be fighting Nifes wolves. If you look closely you will see the warboss has a wolf pelt, combat blade and even his custom shoota sports a wolf guard stormbolter as part of it.

I shall be continuing with subtle themes like this across the force, though these guys will be a background project mainly to give me a break from the more clean painting style of Infinity and my Tau. so expect grubby orks with a more gritty green skin colour.

Thats it for this small update, normal service will resume on Sunday

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Infinity: WiP terrain #2

Evening guys, update time again.

Theres still quite a heat wave going on at the moment so my interest in painting has still been rather low. Instead I have carried on working on the terrain.

The next meet up is edging ever closer with it being just 2 weeks away, I hope to get the buildings into a playable condition as well as getting at least basecoats done on the rest of the infinity stuff I will be taking along.

So here is progress on the builidngs:

And a brand new one I've knocked up after being inspired by THIS new release from Customeeple:

Had to be a kebab stand, named in honour of one in Wolverhampton to boot.

And a few bits of scatter terrain:

On the right we have one of microart studios fantastic holoboard adverts, The statue on the left is actually a model I have had for years and years it was the pilot from a Gundam kit I had as a kid, finally found a use for it after so long haha.

In other infinity News they have finally revealed the contents of the 2 player starter set Operation Icestorm. Needless to say I'm sold and will be putting one on preorder rather soon. This actually has kept me from pledging for Zombicide, which in all honesty I'm grateful for as Nife has all the other seasons and has gone in for season 3 so would have been pointless me having it too.

Well thats it for now guys hopefully it will cool down temperature wise so I can crack on with a little more painting.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Infinity: WiP Terrain #1

Well its that time of week again.

This week I bring you something completely new for me and out of my comfort zone, that being terrain building..

It's been rather warm around here the past week which normally knocks my painting mojo right away. So instead of painting I have been dabbling in terrain.

With the next meet up of Me, Nife and Rictus rapidly approaching and with it this time being held at Nifes we will be playing a variety of None GW stuff and most notably will be giving both Deadzone and Infinity a spin.

Given both these games function well with a decent amount of terrain on the go I figured I would try knock some bits up to take with me.

My initial experiments are all basic things built around parcel boxes and the like. I know some within the Infinty community convert their buildings to have fully playable interiors but that is rather beyond my limited skills:

Large building very basic work done at the moment

Slightly smaller building

Hexagon tiles are the mark of the future apparently :P

The box on top will eventually be an upper level, nice way of recycling boxes from Infinity sets.

Finally we have a little more work done on the building I'm working on that is made from Deadzone tiles:

Now I'm not going to win any terrain making prizes anytime soon as theses are well rather crude, but I'm rather chuffed with them as it has been a complete new learning curve. I might make 1 of 2 more and then wait and see what terrain is included in the rumored Infinity starter set.

Well thats all for now folks, might have something during the week if it cools down any.