Friday, 24 April 2015

Mars Attacks: General Tor & 107K views

Evening guys and girls,

small update for you today, been working on some of my pile of mars attacks stuff this week and have just about finished General Tor the martian hero from the boxed game:

and with his helmet on:

This was a massively enjoyable model to paint, I have a set of 5 martian marines followin gon not far behind him so expect to see them soon.

In other news the blog has now passed 106K views, this shocked me. never thought that this blog would attract that many views especially after various periods of me disappearing.

All I can say is a big thank you to all of you who take time to read and comment on my ramblings :)

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Deadzone Terrain WiPs

Afternoon guys and girls,

As threatened earlier in the week todays update will be terrain focused. Over the past few weeks ive been gradually building up a few bits and pieces for deadzone, most of it is smaller scatter terrain however I have one ruined building to show:

I have filled the gaps between panels in with some milliput to help make it look like a solid building instead of something constructed of pieces. I still need to do the same on the inside walls and add some interior detail. Theme for this place will be a casino.

I have a larger intact building im working on at the moment too however not enough profress has been made for it to be picture worthy.

Onto the more scattery bits:

These rubble piles are based around the plastic ones form the battlezones ruins sprues, I've mounted them on bases and added more rubble. Given they will be used in deadzone I've made sure that they arent bigger than the grids on the mat.

The final piece is a small ruin meant to represent internal walls of a larger collapsed building.

I have had fun making these as I'm not normally very terrainy, I guess the challenge will be painting them up haha.

Anyway thats it for now, I'll be back next week with some martian bits

Monday, 13 April 2015

INQ28: Slaaneshii Magos WiP

Evening guys and girls,

apologies for the lack of recent updates, my 6 day week stints at work are hammering me, currently starting my 9th 6 day week........

As such my hobby time is taking a beating as I'm just too tired most nights to do much if anything. The bits I have been doing have been less intensive stuff such as building up some deadzone terrain. This will feature in the weekends update.

The bits of energy I have had I have thrown into this little project, after seeing some of the amazing entries for the Iron Sleet invitational and then getting badgered by Mr Feral I have set about working on an INQ28 Villain, a Slaaneshii Dark Mechanicus Magos:

This guy is heavily WiP, the base model is one of the FW Myrmidons which I must say are absolutely fantastic .

The theme behind this guy is Slaanesh as gluttony, the Magos devours knowledge and is hunched under the weight of the data stacks on his back that store it all. I've added a cracked ceramic mask showing his bionics underneath.

I will be making a sonic blaster for his weapon mount and he will have a traditional ad mech axe staff. The 2 smaller arms work well as a nod to a keeper of secrets too.

Now I cant promise fast progress on this guy as the word bearers and deadzone come above it in the hobby queue but I hope to get him finish off over the coming weeks.

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Horus Heresy - Word Bearers #5

Evening Guys and girls,

As promised yesterday here is another update, this time Word bearers themed.

I'm progressing rather well with the first Tactical squad shouldnt be too much longer until they are finished. Here is how they currently stand:

These two are all but finished just need to do the final bits on their back packs and weather the shoulder pads.

Current state of the rest of the squad, as I said they are very near completion, one of the more time consuming jobs left to do will be the power weapon effect on the sarges sword.

In last weeks update I mentioned that I had placed a small order with Warlord games with the bulk of it going towards the word bearers. I ordered a single sprue of their plastic German Grenadiers as I wanted to test their scale:

To me they work perfectly to show the bulk and scale of a marine without having to resort to true scaling which from past experience rapidly burns me out.

I'm planning on doing a small detachment of traitor army to ally alongside the Word Bearers nothing huge but they will be used to break up painting massed of red power armour. With a few little conversions I think that the warlord plastics will be just the ticket.

What do you guys think?