Saturday, 17 September 2011

Gamefest and Zombie Apoc ideas

Morning Readers, bit of a text based update here though there are some pics just not of models :P

Yesterday I headed down to the NEC for the day for Gamefest, pretty good day out even if some of the queues for things were utterly insane for example if you wanted to play Modern warfare 3 it was like a 3 hour wait :| madness

I did get to have a go on the following games though:

Resident Evil: Revelations (3DS)
Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D (3DS)
Soul Calibur 5 (Xbox)
Assassins Creed: Revelations (PS3)
Street Fighter Vs Tekken (Xbox)
Plus a few more

Assassins Creed being the only game I queued for mainly as my mate really wanted to see it, lost an hour and 40 minutes of my life to that queue :( .

Got a good look at Arkham city and it looks utterly awesome:

Managed to catch a few glimpses of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City as well and that looks really good.

I would have liked to have a go on it except the queue was massive and Capcom in their infinate wisdom only had 2 or 3 consoles with it on :| when the Demo of it was 5 mins long and you have about 60 people in the line in front of you it becomes rather dumb to even try and wait :(

So things I have learnt:

  • The 3DS has really grown on me its good to see that it is getting some more adult games such as Resident evil. As for too long to me at least Nintendo has focussed on party games and kiddy nonsense theres only so many rehashes of Mario games I can handle before it gets really annoying.
  • I might see if they drop down any further in price and might have to pick one up :)
  • NEC food is still retardedly over priced, £5 for a burger £7 for a 9 inch pizza madness we refused to eat there and picked up food from Birmingham on the way back. On the plus side they were giving out free bottles of Mountain Dew all day so drinks at least weren't a problem :P
  • I felt sorry for the Nuts Magazine girls, having to get their pics taken with sweaty nerds all day hahaha

And to model related things:

Planning out the initial purchases for zombie stuff :D

So far from hasslefree I shall be getting:

Hazmat squad

The hazmat squad will be a military clean up team tasked with destroying the undead and possibly even survivors

Mckenzie will draw on ideas from the Film Battle: Los Angelles with her being an airforce spotter for bombing raids who has since been trapped behind the lines and can join up with some survivors. Want to try paint her in Digital camo as a challenge.

Zombie wise the Studio Miniatures ones though very very nice are a tad too pricey for my liking, so I'm thinking of picking up a set of the wargames factory plastic Zombies

These guys work out as better value you get 30 of them for the same price as 8 from Studio miniatures. I have heard that the detail on them is pretty poor  though this is no problem as I can simply resculpt faces, tidy up clothes etc. Will likely heavily convert some of them into female zombies for some variation.

Might be more hassle than just getting the studio miniatures ones but it works out cheaper.

any thoughts on the zombie plans are much appreciated :)

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  1. Sounds like you had a blast! literally :o) lol. Zombie ideas are great so far. I hasve heard the same about the Wargames Factory Z but with your green stuff foo you will make them look great.