Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Games Day Kill Team progress

Evening readers, small update time

Been working on the Kill Team for Gamesday a little more, they are getting close to being ready to paint with it just being arms that I need to finish off as well as a heavy bolter conversion:

These guys are coming out pretty well, the GS work isn't up to my normal standard but they needed to be done quick instead of taking an age on the details of each trooper.
Colour scheme wise I'm thinking of black armour, with the visors painted a nice blue and urban camo fatigues, the bases will be metal to tie in with the other Kill Teams that have been produced for the table.

For those interested you can see the table here: Spiders Web an AB Gamesday table

Focussing on these has meant that my inq28mm and hierodrule have gone relatively untouched, I have however been adding some details to the hierodrules base going for a urban ruins look:

In other hobby related news my Zombie Apoc stuff might be on the go again soon mainly thanks to Brummie and his blog, hes been working on a load of copplestone castings models and supplied me with a link to their store, some really awesome models on there especially in their future wars range and they are pretty reasonably priced too. Getting close to ordering some :)

In other news another artbook that I ordered turned up today this time the DC and wildstorm works of Jim Lee:

Massive beast of a book but utterly awesome think it was quite a bargain off amazon.

As well as that keeping me busy I've also downloaded Bloodrayne: Betrayal off xbox live after seeing some previews of it from E3. pretty ace game very much like Castlevania or Metroid, got a really cool artstyle too, which is what drew me to it really. Well worth checking out even if you only download the demo :)

so given that I've been playing that and that I havent done a quick sketch to put up for a while I though I would draw bloodrayne:

quick and simple sketch, hands are a mess hate trying to draw them on a tablet always come out messy :(

but there bit of a change from the normal pics of models :P

Also welcome to new followers Adam and Drkmorals cheers for the support guys

Thats it for now, shall update in a few days time with the pics of the full finish Kill team conversions :)


  1. I did a flamer guy smoking a big cigar last year, it just seems a naturel thing to do i suppose. Yours looks verty good and love the rest of the conversions too.

  2. Kill team looks awesome. I really like the full face visors. Your artwork is cool.

    Would you recommend GS over Milliput i wanna do some conversions and I use millipu for my bases but it don't think the consistancy would be right?


  3. Cheers guys :)

    @blitzspear: always looks cool having a cigar on flamer guys, in the grim darkness fo the far future there obviously isn't health and safety :P

    @Brummie: Would definately recommend GS over milliput for conversions.

    I find milliput is good for bases and that but its quite hard to work with for finer details as it turns very liquidy if you are using wet tools to shape it.

    The GS I buy is this:

    Find it far better Value than the GW packs, seems to last me forever too :)

  4. Cheers I'm probably popping into Brum sometime this week to the Forge and they stock this according to there catalogue. They have some mini's i wanna pick up to add to the pile.

    I only really buy paints from GW mainly because its what i know.

    Cheers for the advice Where is the best sort of place to get sculpting tools from?

  5. No worries dude, paint wise I've been giving the Vallejo paints a try lately and I'm rather pleased with them depending on the range they can work out a lot cheaper than GW ones. Modelzone in Brum sells them :)

    Sculpting tool wise one of the best things you can get for doing things like clothes and the smooth details on say faces are clay shapers. These are the ones I use :

    you can get them individually from places like hobbycraft though make sure you get size 0 ones if you do :)

    My other main sculpting tool set is this one by gale force 9:

    comes with virtually every tool you could need and again has been really useful, I picked mine up from Hobbycraft but you should be able to get it from Waylands Forge if they stock the GF9 greenstuff

    hope that helps dude :)

  6. Cheers the GF9 one is a bit steep i might get the Amazon one as it depends how i get on sculpting if.

  7. Aye the GF9 1 is pricey I used a money off voucher when I got mine so it worked out more reasonable.

    However just found these on Amazon which look like pretty much the same thing just one hell of a lot cheaper: