Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Zombie Survivor

Evening Reader, tis update time again

Project zombie has begun and I present a survivor:

Forgot I had this model, its zombie hunter Kev from Hasslefree with some GSed on hair and beard to make him into a metal head :P

Decided to paint his hoodie as a band one so had a look through some of my black metal CDs and decided on the front cover from 1349s "Hellfire" album as its rather simple design. I'm actually really pleased with how its turned out as I'm not the best with freehand.

The Albums artwork

Here he is with my other painted survivor the Jill valentine from Resident Evil 3 conversion:

Zombie wise my devious Danish friend Rasmus aka AWOL from Ammo Bunker is kindly sending me accross a sprue of wargames factory zombies so as I can decide if I like them before buying them :) actually quite looking forward to converting them.

Once I have decided if they will be useful then I will order both a box of them and the other hasslefree models I listed last post.

Running along side the zombie project will be a BFG Imperial fleet as I'm buying some cruisers off Rictus at GD.

There will also possibly be some Malifaux in the future as after much nagging Foot_of-Adhesive_Tape has finally talked me into it by showing me the upcoming releases for October so I will likely get this warband:

Some very nice models in there.

This will be the plan for the next few months, as I'm utterly bored of 40k and most GW stuff in general. I've had far more fun painting that zombie hunter than I have had painting the last load of GW stuff I've done, BFG will be somehtign completely different at least.

well thats it for now let me know what you think :)


  1. That zombie hunter looks great. You've done a really good job with the GS hair, and even better painting that sweater. I wish I could paint detail like that.

    Let us know if you like the Zombie sprue. I was thinking about getting it, but haven't heard fantastic things about it. Managed to get in on Victory Forces 50 for $50 sale a month or so ago instead.


  2. Top quality mate! Freehand on the back is awesome as is the camo rousers. The greenstuff hair is cool. Very nice figure really like what you've done to him. Kev is quite small so He musta been hard to paint

  3. Nice work, the camo pants are pretty cool, good effort.

  4. Looks good sir! Freehand on the back looks pretty nifty.
    You better get those Malifaux models, wanna see you try new things on them like we talked aboot ;)


  5. Cheers guys :)

    @Adam: Cheers dude, the lettering on the hoodie was tricky :( was worth it in the end though. I'll let you know how the WGF zombie are I'v eheard a lot of bad things too. hopefully I can use them even if its just as armatures to sculpt detail onto.

    @Brummie: Cheers dude, aye he is on the small side I found his face and hands the hardest to do still need to dot in his eyes just need to buidl up the courage first haha.

    @Foot: Cheers foul kiwi, I shall get them and if not them the cult of December instead :)