Monday, 29 August 2011

Some interesting Blogs

Afternoon Readers,

Figured I would do something I've been meaning to do for a fair while (has been ages since I last posted up links) and that is post up some links to some great blogs that I have been enjoying looking at lately :)

So here we go:

Brummies wargaming blog

Regular commenter on my blog as well as being a fellow Midlander Brummie works on a wide variety of stuff under the umbrella of the post apoc/zombie apocalpyse setting. He has a great selection of models with solid paint jobs, my current favourite being his yakuza gang.

Legion of Plastic

The new blog of Migsula a well known figure in the 40k community, his work on INQ28mm and Inq-munda is awesome and I draw a lot of inspiration from it, the inquisitor that he converted from the plastic chaos sorcerer lord is what made me go out and buy the same model to base my heretek on
From the Desk of the Supreme Double Thinker

Another New blog this time by Lukas aka Tepok from the Ammobunker, his WW2 inspired IG are ace with me pinching a fair few ideas from him. Hes currently working on a pioneer squad as well as a terrain board that is shaping up very nicely.

Heresy Workshop

Great blog that is currently focusing on a Heresy era Sons of Horus army, plenty of characterful conversions and a scary amount of FW marines. His converted contemptor pattern dreadnought is what has made me consider getting one.

Tinners Blog

Again another new Blog(I sense the nagging of SchoolCormorant is at hand :P) this time from Tinners of Ammobunker and Warseer notoriety. Tinners has some unholy skills with plastic card with his scratch built tanks being amazing. Hes currently working on a display board for his armoured company that is looking very nice.

Lazy and distracted

The blog of new follower Oli, some awesome stuff in here especially his Silent hill themed Daemons, apartment block terrain piece and converted Dreadknight, well worth a look.

One of the blogs of follower RED this one showcasing his work on his fantastic Red Scorpions Space marine army, a great showcase of painting and weathering techniques. His Red Scorpions also featured on GWs Whats New Today page. Hes currently working on a contemptor pattern dreadnought which is making me want to reconsider my choice of deciding not to get one haha

well that's it for today, hopefully you guys will find these blogs as interesting as I do :)

Should be back within a day or 2 with some more updates of both the INQ28mm and IG kill team variety


  1. Thank you for the mention dude. Get that Arch Heretek finished!!!

  2. No problem dude :)

    Hes getting there, want to get him done before space marine and Dead island come out as I fear then I shall be lost to the xbox hahaha